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    Mob Rule Question from a 'Nid

    Good, I hope this thread has lured all you greenskins to help me, and honest Tyranid player, to prove a point to my opponent.

    The Mob Rule in your army book states that an Ork unit with 11 or more can substitute the leadership with the number of models. Does this mean that Orks can get Leadership values of 23, for example? Or is it to a maximum of 10? I know it makes them fearless, but in the case of Leadership tests (like the Doom of Malan'tai's 'Spirit Leech' ability) where you have to roll for it regardless of fearlessness or not. What happens then? Do I use the base leadership value for the Orks or do I use the Mob Rule, which in the way he described it to me means that Orks can have 30 Ld in some cases, which I think is just ridiculous.

    Thanks for the help,

    The Warlord

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    Max any stat can be is 10. So with 30 boyz, 10. With 10 boyz, 10. With 8 boyz, 8.

    FYI on the doom. They allow cover saves now against spirit leech. Kff works against it now!

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    Technically any number of boyz can take advantage of the Mob Rule rule... so a mob that is reduced to 9 boyz is still L 9

    But the rule also says that more than 10 boyz (11+) makes the mob Fearless... but the L never goes above 10

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