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    Which models do you use?

    I want to get back into 40k. My Tau I have mastered and I used to play DE. With this new book they have, I see a lot of shiny new goodies that GW doesn't have models for or the models suck. Therefore, which models do you guys use for what?

    Here's what I'm planning on using:

    Old Warriors for warriors. (they worked back then and they'll work now. And they were kinda here first and so they get seniority)

    Dark Elf Witches for Wyches. (I have the models and don't play dark elves so I might as well.)

    Ghouls for Wracks. (I like the pose they are in and I can easily see on carrying a flamer like gun. I'll just put them on raised bases so people don't go crazy over their height.)

    Razordons for Razorwing flocks. (Little birds that rend? no way. This guys is much more pokey.)

    Hounds of sorts for Khymareas. (I ran beasts back then and so the same situation which is effecting my choice in warriors and wyches applies.)

    Hellions for beastmasters. (Cheaper and they look cooler)

    And then I'm thinking Rat ogres or a Vargulf looking like thing for Grotesques if I ever manager to fir them into one of my lists.

    So, what do you guys use?

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    Mantic ghouls for wracks, they come with knives embedded into their limbs and things, which makes them really suitable. There's a lot of potential for headswaps and replacing hands with blades.

    Chaos hounds for Khymerea. Rippers for razorwings.

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    Orks_n_Bugs Bugs_n_Orks's Avatar
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    I use pretty similar stuff to you. Old warriors/raiders/ravagers/reavers/incubi/talos (casue I have them) Fantasy Witch Elves (suitably converted).

    As for the new stuff,
    -Helions as Beastmasters (took a decent amount of converting to get them to look right since I like my models to be WYSIWYG and BMs only have 1 CCW),
    -For Khymera I use Fantasy Dark Elf Cold Ones (come with a bunch of extra conversion bitz also),
    -Clawed Fiends are Chaos Spawn (took some work to get them looking right, pics here)
    -Razorwings I converted OLD ripper swarms into flying death bugs (as in the old metal wormish ones)
    -And for Wracks I used old mandrake models and just modelled skirts/robes onto them and did some basic weapon swaps (and added masks to the few sculpts that didn't have them already)
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    Archite of Caerbannog KwiKwag's Avatar
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    Haha, here we go:

    Still using old Haemys (including old Urien) as haemys
    Old Grotesques as wracks, using old shredder as a wrack liquifier
    Using Chaos Terminators as Grotesques, I was using Chaos Spawn but I do not have enough of them for a full squad (had to borrow)
    Using my Vulture Kindred Kroot as Scourges - hey, at least they have wings! Also using the old dark lances as the new heat lances for them.
    Using my old Haemy on a skyboard as a beastmaster while the other 2 or 3 are still the old Beastmasters (on foot)
    Using old warp beasts as Khymeras
    Using old chaos hounds as Razorwing flocks (dumb, I know)
    Using a custom lessor daemon as a clawed fiend but I was using an old Fantasy Cold One, I guess the chaos spawn could go here.
    Using a shortened Raider (customized for a smaller profile) as the new Venom though I haven't used it yet.
    Using an old Hellion as the new Baron
    Using the old Talos as the new Talos & Chronos (I got two talos that look alike so the other is sometimes used as a Chronos)

    Got the new Archon
    Got the new Urien
    Got the new Lelith
    Got the new Succubus
    Got new incubi
    Got all new Hellions
    Got all new bikes
    Got all new wyches
    Got all new warriors
    Got all new Khymeras (5) and 3 new Beastmasters

    Not even bothering with the flyers as I have nothing that even comes close to what they look like.
    "On a hunch, I melted them down and inhaled the fumes and read the dark eldar codex again, AND FOUND A BUNCH OF NEW RULES HIDDEN BEHIND THE OTHER WORDS..." [Gardeth on modelling & interpreting the DE Codex]

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