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    Fallen Eldar/Corsair Army Composition - YOUR INPUT NEEDED!

    I guess many (if not most!) of you hard-core DE players will scoff at this concept and call it at best wet, and at worst unbelievably weak, but I'm seriously considering designing and building a useful Army that will utilise much of the DE aspects whilst avoiding the nastier excesses.

    The basic premise is that the force is made up of the last few survivors of a Craftworld which has been decimated by constant DE raiding, to the extent that much of their equipment and fighting style is now DE in origin. That said, the force still retains a degree of whatever the Eldar equivalent of humanity is!

    To that end I definitely won't be using Haemonculi, Wracks, Talos, etc or any of the more nightmarish elements. Any equipment used by characters can be brutal but should not rely on avoidable suffering - the Army may be desperate, but it is a 'needs must' scenario, not the inflicting of pain for it's own sake.

    I thought about using Banshees as Incubi, and have already started on a nice Drazhar conversion that could be either the Exarch (Master) or even the Lord. Wyches are in, since they would represent the desperation of the younger survivors. Jetbikes, Venoms, Raiders and Ravagers are all in. Warriors (and derivatives) will be present but not in great quantities obviously

    Overall, the force should be small(ish) in numbers, taut, effective and highly disciplined but fanatical (borne out of the need to survive). Whilst I'm not looking for an Army that will beat all-comers, I'd like to have something that can (reasonably) hold it's own - particularly given the amount of converting that's going to have to be done!

    I guess a points value of around 2,000 is what I'm aiming for.

    So, there you have it. A knotty little problem, a bit out of the ordinary. I'm sure that we will, together, be able to come up with some really good ideas that will not only fit with the underpinning theme, but also be a lot of fun to convert, create and play with. I have considerable respect for the intelligence and creativeness of the members of this particular forum so I'm very much looking forward to your contributions and advice - even if it's to tell me I'm a pathetic, weak-hearted, lily-livered coward who needs his spleen dug out with a spoon . . . . .


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    Here's a list of mine that I modified to include incubi. The trueborn can be corrupted Firedragons, the warriors are either veteran guardians (like the old black guardians of Ulthwe) or corrupted Dire Avengers. To me wyches don't fit with your fluff but I'll leave that up to you (I guess you could say that they're storm guardians that had to strip down their armor). The army bonuses Sliscus provides seem decently Autarch-ish (and are also quite useful). And the aircraft, well, craftworld eldar certainly have no shortage of those.

    Duke Sliscus - 150
    7 incubi, klaivex, raider w/shock prow, ether sails - 239
    4 trueborn, 4 blasters, venom w/splinter cannon - 173
    4 trueborn, 4 blasters, venom w/splinter cannon - 173
    9 warriors, blaster, raider w/shock prow, ether sails, splinter racks - 176
    10 warriors, blaster, raider w/shock prow, ether sails - 175
    8 Wyches, haywire grenades, Hekatrix w/venomblade, raider w/shock prow, ether sails, torment launcher - 186
    10 Wyches, haywire grenades, Hekatrix w/venomblade, raider w/shock prow, ether sails, torment launcher - 210
    Razorwing, flicker field, night shield - 165
    Razorwing, flicker field, night shield - 165
    Voidraven, flicker field, night shield, 2 shatterfield missiles - 185
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    A friend of mine did something VERY similar. Of course his focus was originally on making units that would work as both an Eldar and Dark Eldar army.

    A link to his blog: Glenn's GW Models: Eldar and Dark Eldar

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    There are some great talons/chronos conversions using wraithlords. This would allow you to field what might be the craftworld's last wraithlord using scavenged weapons. Scourges could easily be swooping hawks. My razorwing and voidraven conversions are made from eldar falcons. Lilith could be a Jain zar replacement.

    I think your idea is great. I look forward to hearing how you progress.

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