So I played my buddies guard this weekend and came out with a victory.

We were playing a standard deployment annihilation game. The board was set up with a building in the center of each deployment side of the board with a building on either side mid way up the board. Craters were scattered throughout the board as well.

He won the roll to choose to setup first or second and he chose to go first. He chose to setup his entire army in the center building in his deployment zone. I chose to setup further back to my extreme left flank and some models in the center building.

His army went roughly like this. 2 infantry platoons maxed out with heavy weapons teams, a commander with retinue a, colossal vehicle, a leman russ, and 2 rough rider squads in reserve.

My army was 4 mounted FW squads borrowing 2 fish from 2 pathfinder squads, 3 broadsides all with A.S.S. 2 Railheads DP MT, commander tl fusion, mp, hwmt, 2 two man fireknife suit teams, and 2 fusion pirahnas

His first turn wiped out a squad of pathfinders.

My first turn was to move my broadsides into LOS to the leman russ and pop it. All the armor forward up the extreme flank and drop 2 submuntions. 15 guardsmen were killed in this volley.

Next turn he obliterated the remaining pathfinders and broadsides.

My turn pirahanas popped his colossal vehicle and the armored collumn advanced further. Railheads dropping 11 more guardsmen a mix of heavy weapon teams and schmos.

I lost a fish in his next turn of firing and got charged by the 20 rough riders that came on in reserve.

I unloaded my FWs the following turn wiped out the rough riders and dropped another two submuntions causing guardsmen to flee off the board. My commander dropped down taking out some commander retinue guys. my fireknife suits made into the fray to take down enough guys to cause a morale check on the commander who fled off the board.

By his turn four he had left a few heavy weapons teams that couldn't take down my armor so he gave up.

His 4+ cover saves were a pain but with the pathfinders I caused enough damage to make him combat ineffective early enough to run my game. GO Tau!