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    Tyranid Index 2011

    FAQ by gullgotha

    Tactica by Hive Fleet Macarbe

    General Hobbying Links Index by King Ulrik Flamebeard
    Warrior Stage-by-Stage Assembly by Games Workshop
    Genestealer Stage-by-Stage Assembly by Games Workshop
    Hormagaunts and Termagants Assembly by Games Workshop
    Ravener Stage-by-Stage Assembly by Games Workshop
    Gargoyles Stage-by-Stage Assembly by Games Workshop
    Trygon Stage-by-Stage Assembly by Games Workshop
    Painting Tyranids Stage-by-Stage by Games Workshop
    A quick guide to 'Dipping' Tyranids by aeroplane
    Tyranid Slime by Sir Spamalot
    How To: Devourer Cannon by Tarnag

    Getting Started with Tyranids by Games Workshop
    Games Workshop's Tyranid Page by Games Workshop
    Tyranids: Art of the Devourer by Games Workshop
    Apocalypse: Screamer-Killer Brood by Games Workshop (pdf)
    Apocolypse: Leviathan Gargoyle Swarm by Games Workshop (pdf)
    Diet of the Week index can be found several posts down!

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