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    Tyrannofex painting scheme walk through, Tons of pics!!!

    Okay so hopefully everyone remembers the modeling thread I threw up here last week, and as promised I commited some time to getting these painted and up here.


    Okay so for starters I really like the Ruddy Brown Krylon spray paint Primer. As you can see I left the arms off on purpose so as to get better details on the model itself.

    pic 3.jpg

    So here is a pic of the Fex with the first liberal application of Bestial Brown. You can go pretty heavy just watch out for the detail areas.

    pic 2.jpg

    Same thing with arms, if you dont fill every nook and cranny its not that big a deal, just get most of them.

    pic 4.jpg

    So once that is completly dry, we move onto the second skin color which is another (little lighter, but still liberal application) of Graveyard Earth directly over the Bestial Brown.

    pic 5.jpg

    Same thing with the arms, same colors.

    pic 6.jpg

    So we are done with the skin for a bit here, and moving on to the armor. The first coat, which should cover 100% of everything you want to be "armored" is Midnight Blue. Try and not overlap onto the skin areas you have already painted, so pay attention to the edges!

    pic 7.jpg

    Just a top shot to show off the armored areas a little better.

    pic 8.jpg

    So that moves us onto the second armored color which is a drybrush of enchanted blue along the edges and brushed backwards to create that streaked effect, not as hard as it looks trust me.

    pic 9.jpg

    Shot from the other side no biggie here.

    pic 10.jpg

    Pic of the arms at the same stage.

    pic 11.jpg

    This is the final highlight color of Ice Blue with extreme highlights on the very edges and pulled back.

    pic 12.jpg

    Side view of the same stage just showing more of the overall armor.

    pic 13.jpg

    The armor needs time to dry and set up for awhile so what I did for the "vents" on the legs, and arms, rough spots in elbows and knees, was use a 50/50 mix of Scorpion Green and water. The reason it has to be watered down is, it just covers too much of the detail when it is not watered down.

    pic 14.jpg

    On the body the Scorpion Green goes on the tail pods, and the mandiables at the end of the barrel. Also since I just did not have the chest spikes i painted the holes green as well.

    pic 15.jpg

    Okay so on the top vents they get painted Scorpion Green as well, but this time you dont need the watered down mix, you can use straight paint.

    pic 16.jpg

    Okay so while that sets, I move on to the base. First I set the model on the blank base and using a pencil just line out where his feet are going to sit on the base. Then I used a standard wood glue and applied a liberal amount using a brush around the feet marks. I then simply poured the sand flock right onto the glue. make sure you push down on it while you still have a lot of sand on it, so you can get a lot of rocks on the base.

    pic 17.jpg

    Okay so could you use the standard flock color, yes. But I don't want too, so what I did was I took Scorched Brown and Water in a 50/50 mix and basically just painted all the sand, a darker brown.

    pic 18.jpg

    Next I take a drybrush of Fortress Grey and quickly just pull the brush back and forth accorss the whole base. You will find it REALLY picks out the rocks and raised debris.

    pic 19.jpg

    The last color step in the base I use is Codex Grey, and that is just touched on all the rocks and raised areas on the base. Done!!!!

    pic 20.jpg

    Okay so back to the Fex, now comes the Bleached Bone time on all bone parts of the model, from the tail to the feet to the mandible tips at the end of the barrel.

    pic 21.jpg

    Just another shot from the other side, looks good dont it!

    pic 22.jpg

    Okay so now comes the Catchacan Green dots of the barrel of the gun, which I ran in a converging pattern from the sides to the uderside of the barrel and took all the way to the end.

    pic 23.jpg

    Here is a shot of the arms, with the talons all Bleached Boned and the Nails, elbow spikes. Also the Catchacan Green dots were added to the shoulders, just to tie them in better.

    pic 24.jpg

    So I guess I missed a few pics back, the face, the tusks, teeth have all been done, as well as the gum line in Red Gore. But also I took an extreme highlight color of Kommando Kahki over all of the skin areas being careful not to cover the detail of the green.

    pic 25.jpg

    Just another shot of the arms at the same stage.

    pic 27.jpg

    So here he is all his arms glued on, he is put on his base, suprisingly not as top heavy as he first looked. also added some flock onto some of the off parts of the base where there may have been a few less rocks or it just needed something.

    pic 28.jpg

    And there is the finished product all Glossed up and looking bada$$ if I must say so myself, if you made it this far, well great. Let me know what you think!

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    I think he looks great! and hes not top heavy eh?? heh awesome

    also whose that other sexy devil in the background?

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    Excellent job and great tutorial. I would give you Rep, but it says I need to spread it around first. Oh well, next time then. Keep up the good work.
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    I did two of them, that was the other one.

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