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    Summer campaign to prepare for, advice wanted

    Hi All,

    I have a summer campaign to plan for. I have to decide on an army [Chaos, Eldar or Guard] and produce an 1850 point list that can not change during the whole event.

    Confirmed we have 2 nilla marine, 1 sisters of battle, and a tau army. I am provisionally down as Eldar, although I am really struggling to get what I want into a list. If all else fails I will be using my guard army as it is very easy to make a flexible list with them.

    My thinking with eldar is I want to mechanise, so I will be using all 4 transports I have available, 3 serpents and a falcon if I can find the points for it. Weapons choices are flexible, but most likely due to points constraints will be twin shuri-cannons

    Fitting in my transports, two of them will be ten man dire avenger squads. One with twin cats and bladestorm, the other with defend and power weapon/shield. Not sure if I should make them both the same?
    The 3rd transport will have my stormies, with 2 fusion guns and warlock with spear. This unit is possibly exchangable for another DA squad. Not sure yet.

    Falcon was going to have a small unit of firedragons in it. This unit may be dropped. Not sure yet!

    I was planning on scouting my 3 warwalkers using a cutprice shuri-cannon/scat combo on each one. This sound sensible? In an ideal world, I will have a small unit of scorpians joining them.

    HQ as a Farseer, with stones, fortune guide and doom. He would be attached to a small dark reaper unit with exarch with tempest launcher. I am not 100% on this, so it is possible the reapers will be dropped and replaced. In which case I feel tempted to include a D cannon for fluffyness and good comp scoring.

    Finally, an Autarch, along with a Shining spear squad with fully upgraded exarch with star lance, and all powers. These to be screened by a unit of 3 regular jetbikes. Autarch is a possible unit to be dropped, but I really want a fast attacking spacemarine killing unit, and my other combat units just don't cut the mustard, with banshees needing a transport, harliquins being expensive and not as strong in HTH, and scorpions lacking in power weapons.

    What do you think? All of our lists have to be checked by all other players so any glaring beardy choices will result in a loss of campaign points, which I am hoping to avoid. Essentially this means I can't really take duplicate entries for any unit that is not troops.

    So to conclude my list will include the following

    1x Farseer
    2x 10 Dire avengers in WS
    1x 5 Shining spears
    1x 3 warwalkers
    1x 3 jetbikes

    Debatable inclusion
    6 Fire Dragons in Falcon
    1x 10 stormies with WS and spear warlock OR 10 Dire Avengers and WS
    1 Autarch
    3 Dark reapers with exarch
    1 D Cannon

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    I think you need to explain more about your campaign.

    -Are you guys doing any form of allies?

    -How are you guys doing comp scores? Is that something you're actively chasing?

    -What models do you have right now, and how much might you be willing to spend?

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    I would be tempted to go with a missle launcher on the Dark Reaper exarch for some light transport popping capability and take fast shot with him. I had great luck popping rhinos and Razor backs with my Dark reaper exarch.
    Instead of a D-cannon why not try a vibro cannon? I put a result on how well they worked out for me on this thread,

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    This is what I have currently got. Anything which doesnt have weapons mentioned means it isnt glued on, so I can interchange it. No special characters allowed, so mine will be used as Exarch models most likely. No allies allowed, and I beleive the comp score is based out of 10. This will be added to the amount of wins you get to determine the winner, so its quite harsh, and probably near on impossible to win the campaign with a low score. How it is supposed to work is the other players rate your list, then the average is taken to determine what your score is.

    1 Wraithlord with brightlance and EML
    15 wrathguard
    3 warwalkers
    10 harliquins
    3 vypers
    1 avatar
    2 d cannons
    11 warlocks
    1 farseer on foot.
    18 Striking scorpions, 1 exarch, 1 Karandras [20]
    3 Wave serpent
    2 Autarchs on foot, one with fusion gun, powersword, warp jump pack, one with power sword, hawk wings
    1 Autarch on jetbike, with fusion gun and laser lance
    16 Storm guardians
    13 Howling Banshees, 2 exarchs [15]
    30 guardian defenders, 3 heavy weapon platforms
    11 fire dragons, 1 exarch, 1 Fuegan [13]
    10 scouts
    8 dark reapers, 3 exarchs [11]
    10 swooping hawks, 1 exarch, baharoth [12]
    9 warp spiders, 2 exarchs [11]
    35 Dire avengers, 4 exarchs, asurman [18]
    1 fire prism
    1 falcon
    7 jetbikes inc 1 warlock and 2 shuricannons [7]
    4 shining spears, 1 exarchs [5]

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