While working on my webway list this morning I was attempting to visualize the ranges of the various units coming out of the portal, both shooting and assault, and then pasting that onto where the portals might be in an effort to optomize placement in a variety of situations. This became tedious and so I created a range fan. Normally used by artillery units on very large maps it does have its uses in the 40k world as well. Keep in mind artillery's range isnt affected by terrain so this tool is for use in a vacuum.

Should be fairly self explanatory. Distances are measured from tip of triangle arrayed on the grid provided. Circles are grouped so you can manuever the ranges around the map. If it is too cluttered just ungroup and delete unneeded circles.

Interesting to see how hard it really is to hide from longe range at fire even with nightshields, plotting vectors for bladevanes, seeing amazing range of carbines out of the portal, where your raiders could be turn 2, assault ranges from talos's out of multiple portals.. anything you can imagine.

Hope it's usefull to you