With the new FAQ, we should all be in agreement that the maximum per turn output of shots from a suit has been upgraded. Two weapon hardpoint battlesuits with a multi-tracker are no longer the maximum output. Therefore, I am proposing two new battlesuit configurations. These are the Sunforge Blade, and the Burning Forge.

Sunforged Blade:
TL Fusion Blaster
Plasma Rifle
HW Multitracker

Burning Forge:
TL Plasma Rifle
Fusion Blaster
HW Multitracker

Obviously, these suit configurations are ONLY available to qualified individuals, such as Cadre commanders, their bodyguards and specially trained team leaders. The Sunforged Blade and the Burning Forge are anti-terminator and anti-meq builds. Both suits are designed to operate in the <24" range, then move in for the kill to a <12" range. At 12" range, each Burning Forge is providing a S8,AP1,Melta(Instant death to MEQs) shot, and 2 TL,S6,AP2 shots. All of their firepower eats through terminator armor (invulnerable saves not withstanding) a team of three assuming a BS=5 scenario kicks out enough to reliably (over 72% chance) to wound a terminator with melta, and a 77% chance to cause 2 wounds with plasma. Numbers against MEQs are even higher: 77% chance to cause 2 wounds with melta and a 91.3% chance to cause 4 plasma wounds.

Costs for these suits. A commander will run you about 120 - 150 points, depending on loadout. Bodyguards are looking at 80-100 points. More for drones.

Thanks to Rikimaru for his bringing this point up.