Nature of Wraithbone and what Natural Resources Craftworld Eldar would use... - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Nature of Wraithbone and what Natural Resources Craftworld Eldar would use...

    First of all, Wraithbone. Most Eldar equipment seems to be made of it. We know the Eldar grow it and Bonesingers aid in its growth but is it biological or does it grow in the same way as crystals. Before I thought it was biological but with the idea that Spiritstones likely are crystal, I'm leaning towards it being a crystal of some kind. What does everyone else think?

    I'm working on an Eldar Refinery to base my Planetstrike terrain off of. I'm going to be making a few bastions (I have some solid designs for them), some "Aegis Defense Lines" -Eldar style, a landing pad, maybe a Webway portal, and some defendable walkways to run between the bastions, the landing pad and my Refinery. The question is what would they be refining? With them needing crystal for spiritstones and the like, I was thinking of the Refinery, being more of a Drill-rig that siphons the necessary materials to make their crystal-based equipment.

    What other kinds of natural resources do you think the Eldar would need? We know that the majority of what they need, they seem to have on their craftworlds, but my idea is for a Craftworld at the brink of collapse, after years of narrow escapes and critical damage the craftworld needs to replenish its supplies, so it has to setup this 'Refinery' and transport the materials to the craftworld.

    I'm not sure the quantity of metals in their equipment. Do you think they use a lot of metals.

    Also for fuel. I think that might have things that either are powered with incredibly long lived power sources for their vehicles (Vampire Hunters, Falcons, Fireprisms, Vypers, Jetbikes) so they would not need to collect things like oil as a fuel. But perhaps do they need to harvest specific things to power the craftworld. The Dark Eldar talk of how they once harnessed the power of suns and had near endless supplies of power. Do you think a Craftworld would have something like that?

    Any ideas please!

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    Wraithbone is a living material pulled from the warp, but it is not sentient in itself. Also it works as a conduit for power and control.

    As for metals, Eldar have no use for them. In earlier lore they were able to reshape matter as it pleased them, although time consuming this means that there is no particular resource they require. I'm not sure if that part still applies though as it is not mentioned in any recent codices. But in the least metal is useless for Eldar, Wraithbone is superior in every way and they never have a shortage of it.

    The one material I believe they need to harvest is the material used for Soulstone crystals. I believe it is mentioned somewhere in one of the many books written (not rulebooks/codices) somewhere but have not read it myself. I can't recall if the crystals are made using this rare material or if that material is just cut into crystals.

    Fluff wise Eldar power sources tend to be more sustainable than fossil fuels. In Battlefleet Gothic they use solar winds to travel the stars and even if it isn't mentioned I believe smaller vehicles are powered in a similar way. I assume that the innate Eldar telepathic abilities also functions as a form of power for vehicles, but it is probably not enough to power a vessel on its own. I would say Eldar vehicles are mostly battery powered, charged during their long visits in the hangars between battles. Larger vehicles like Titans probably have their own power source, most likely some form of clean fusion reaction. That would probably be your best bet for a "fuel", some rare mineral or likewise used in fusion reactors of Engines of Vaul.

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