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    1000 pt Eldar 3 MC

    Hey, this is a 1000 pt army I'm thinking about. My main opponent will be IG.


    Avatar 155

    Farseer with Eldritch Storm, Eldar Jetbike and Singing Spear 108


    5 Dire Avengers 60

    5 Dire Avengers 60

    Wave Serpent, TW Bright Lance, Spirit Stones 145

    Heavy Support

    Wraithlord, Shuriken Cannon Bright Lance 140

    Wraithlord, Shuriken Cannon Bright Lance 140

    Fire Prism, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Holo-field, Vectored Engines 190

    Total, 998

    Please let me know what you think. Thanks everyone!

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    Personally, walking my paper-clad warriors across the battlefield into a million flashlights (las guns) never seems like a good idea. Seems like the battle plan is to have the Avatar and one unit of Dire Avengers foot it across the table, The Wraithlords walk while firing at tanks, the Avengers in a Wave Serpent cruise over to attack, the Farseer speeds ahead to drop Eldrich on tanks and guardsmen to keep them occupied while the Fire prism drops plates on the rest.

    I see a few problems that could come up. The Farseer is going to have to be within 18" to drop the storm which means that the tiny lasguns can get him, and sadly, he could fall to massed lasgun fire. Also he cannot throw his spear in the same turn he uses the storm so the two seem counter intuitive together. The Avatar and Avengers walking with run and fleet, but the Wraithlords if they choose to shoot instead of running they will show up after the Avatar and friends are already in the fray. The Shuriken Cannons and Brightlances seem to not be a match because of the difference in both range and strength and the Wraithlords will not be able to fire both effectively at most targets (finding targets that get hurt [and the strength not wasted] by Str 6 and Str 8 lance that both within 24" is tough).

    I also prefer my Fire Prisms to be low cost ghetto at 1000pts. The reason is that the lowest result for any hit will be cannot shoot and my normal opponent (a Sisters player) is more than happy to just leave it shaken the whole game. Also it can indirect fire, so hide it behind some terrain and your opponent won't be able to hit it. Spending the extra points spent that would normally go into toughening it up, could buy another unit.

    The Wave Serpent should probably have a role chosen for it. Either its a sit back and pop tanks with its Avengers hanging out till the end of battle to capture objectives (I would probably drop the stones) OR its a transport carrying a payload of "Death by Millions of Shurikens" which screams across the battlefield to where its needed most (in which case I might downgrade the guns and beef the Avenger unit inside to 10 strong with an Exarch and Bladestorm)

    I'm a big fan of Footseers in transports because they can use DOOM, Fortune and Guide within the vehicle using the vehicle's hull as the starting point and you have pretty good coverage and he is well protected. I like them on bikes only when I have a Bike unit to put him in, or if with a Seer Council on bikes.

    I like the idea of either making the Wraithlords either Shuriken Cannons and Scatter Lasers, so they can mostly keep pace with the Avatar OR Give them Bright lances and Eldar Missile Launchers because they have similar Range/Strength and can pop tanks while pondering forward.

    If you choose the BL/EML Wraithlords, I would rethink the Avatar. He dies to massed lasgun fire, he will have no close combat support. It's a long walk into massed flash lights...

    If you choose to loose the Avatar and move the Farseer from Bike to in a vehicle, you could buy another Wave Serpent so that all your guys are in tanks or are high toughness Monstrous Creatures which need Tank guns to fell them.

    For a few more bodies that happen to be decent against Guard (and Tyranids... and other Eldar) you could run a 10 man squad of Storm Guardians and a Warlock with Destructor. They ignore cover, do not roll using their poor ballistic skill and it works well with DOOM!

    Something like...
    Fareseer, Eldrich Storm, Spirit Stones, DOOM 120

    10 Dire Avengers 120
    Exarch w/ Bladestorm & two Catapults 32
    Wave Serpent w/Spirit Stones and TL Shuriken Cannons 110

    10 Storm Guardians w/2 Flamers 92
    Warlock w/ Destructor 35
    Wave Serpent w/TL Shuriken Cannons 100

    Wratihlord, BL & EML 155

    Wraithlord, Shuriken Cannon & Scatter Laser 120

    Fireprism (naked!) 115

    It's just an idea, but its tough to hurt these guys, keep the Wraithlords to cover as much as possible, hide your tanks and have the Wave Serpents going full out to get the cover save. Some people would switch the Eldrich Storm for Fortune or get rid of it and the stones for more guys, but personally Imperial Guard is where Eldrich Storm is best used!

    Whatever you choose just remember you want all your guys working together. Let me know how it goes and what you go with!

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