3 Stars- Asdrubael Vect comes in at 240 which seems too high for most lists but going first can be worth it. Even if you donít go first making your opponent deploy like youíre going to steal the initiative is worth it. Given Asdrubael doesnít come with eternal warrior it is important to bring a screen for him. Best screen at the point cost is wracks. Take 5-9 wracks and put them all in a raider and now Asdrubael comes with FNP and opponents roll against T4 when shooting

3.5-4 Stars- Lady Malys is great vs armies that bring psychics like Rune Priests or Grey Knights. Think how awesome it is to say to a rune priest that he canít target the Lady and a squad of incubi. In addition, her ability to redeploy D3 units can be great if you take razorwings and donít want to risk a 1st turn death which looses 4 missiles. Looking at the Lady I show 7 power weapon attacks every round and 8 off the charge. 4 Base + 2 Ladyís Blade + 1 for 2 CC weapons. Thatís incredible for 130 points. Plus her stat line is pretty decent. I donít think most people have caught on to just how powerful she can be.

2 Stars- Dhrazar has amazing fluff but at 230 points he doesnít cut it for me. The reason is Asdrubael Vect trumps this guy in every possible way (2++ invulnerable save, 3+ power weapon attack, and bonus to the army to go first) and he only costs 10 points more. So if I want a CC monster Iím going custom archon or Asdrubael time and time again.

2 Stars- Lelith is hit or miss. I want to like her but her inability to hurt high T enemies is too much of a deal breaker for me. Sheís awesome against troops but if she encounters something tougher I just donít put that much faith into her. Custom built archon is significantly better.

2.5 Stars- Urien is an expensive HQ at 190 but man o man is this guy a beast to kill. Bring him with a squad of at least 4 grotesques and your opponent can spend his whole time shooting a squad that needs quite a few wounds in order to lose 1 model. Iím not sure how effective this guy will be but for apocalyptic games where I want some durability, but Iím willing to give this guy a try. Plus his ability to makes grots S6 seems like a no brainer. For those of you who play coven lists let me know how this guy works out.

4 Stars- Duke- At 150 points his ability to allow everyone to reroll combat drugs is a must for anyone rolling wych cults. Plus he also gives free deep strike to raiders/venoms which seems like another great option for apocalypse when a 24 inch move only puts your army into firing range. I like him if you play a combat drug army but if not then I would leave him at home.

1 Star- The decapitator. This guy has some amazing fluff but really is unplayable. Lets see I can place him anywhere on the board but I just sit there and get shot to pieces. I canít attach him to mandrakes which seems like a fail. Then I must get a great save right? Wrong. This is the second codex where this guy just fails to perform. Too bad as I love the fluff

4 Stars- Baron is the man for 105 points. Heís got a 2++ save, PGL, S6 attacks off the charge, and he gives stealth to a unit. I can see so many uses for this guy. He works well with hellions, scourges, or any big squad behind cover. Heís great out of a WWP and could be amazing when combined with incubi since he has a PGL. At his point cost I could see him being a real winner

5 Stars- The Archon and Haemonculus are the best of the best in terms of HQ selection for DE. While the archon did lose his ability to have jetbikes, this guy is still king of CC. It seems there are two solid builds for this guy. Use the husk blade/soul-trap combo or go with the agonizer. I prefer the agonizer because itís cost efficient and I donít have to wait on the soul-trap for my Archon to be an All-Star. So I choose option 1 by default and option 2 I attach my Archon to a squad of incubi:

1) Archon (Agonizer, Shadowfield, Haywire Grenades, & combat drugs) 120 points of an effective build
2) Archon (Agonizer, Shadowfield, Haywire Grenades, combat drugs, & PGL) 145 great for a squad of incubi
**I could be talked into a blast pistol or blaster given this guys insanely high BS**

0 Stars- The court of the Archon- Donít even think of bringing these guys since you have to bring one unit of each composition.

2 Stars- The Succubus is someone I would like to play since the model is so awesome. Unfortunately we donít get the ability to select a shadowfield on this model so I prefer the Archon. Avoid this choice.

5 Stars- The Haemonculus is the man. His pain token that he brings and shares with a squad is worth the 50 points alone. I can honestly say I wonít run a wych squad unless he is attached. If that wasnít good enough he has two of the best guns in the codex. The liquifier gun and the shattershard. The liquifier is great when fighting marines as 50% of the time there is no saves even in cover. It just doesnít get better than that. If you find yourself fighting an elite based army (termies) or something with lots of characters like Space Wolfs then the shattershard is just what you need. Just make sure itís only use is worth it. The only other wargear I like is the Animus Vitae (great for padding 5 points to a roster) or WWP if you want that type of army.

1) Haemonculus (Liquifier gun and Venom blade) 65 points of awesome
2) Haemonculus (Shattershard and Venom blade) 70 points of character killing goodness
3) Haemonculus (Liquifier gun, Venom blade, crucible of malediction) 85 points for killing psychics
4) Haemonculus (Liquifier gun, Venom blade, & WWP) 100 points of WWP enabling

3 Stars-(Haemonculus Ancient) Basically I see only one use for this guy and that is accompanying Grotesques. So keep him with a build like option 1 and you are at 95 points. Now the big question you should ask yourself is a Haemonculus Ancient better than an archon when accompanying Grots. Thatís the tough call. An archon will live longer and do more damage but he wonít bring a second pain token unless he gets lucky with combat drugs. As for me I think the archon is preferable but it seems like a 50-50 call to me. Unfortunately I find that most people prefer incubi to grotesques so I donít think we will be seeing Haemonculus Ancients on the board any time soon.