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    Wracks - What to use for heads?

    The resin Wracks that GW has previewed don't match the look of my DE army, so I'm making my own. I've got a fusion of Daemonette and Dark Eldar bits that I'm happy with, but I'm missing one crucial component - something for the masked head.

    I need some kind of blank-faced helmet, and I don't want to use the Wych helmets (they feature prominently elsewhere in my army). Does anybody have decent suggestions for other bitz that would do the trick? GW is preferred (for one thing, it's easier to find the bitz in web stores) but I'll look at any reasonably priced alternative.


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    Hey Sim, I was having a hunt around for wrack heads myself recently for my coven army and came across a few things.

    Starting with the most expensive option I could find: the new FW Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard have great blank helmets that I reckon would be great for a DE army

    Like I said though, not the cheapest option. You could also look at getting normal dark eldar heads without helmets and using green stuff to sculpt a flat face plate onto them, kinda like a hockey mask without eye holes.

    I've gone with the wych/reaver heads for my wracks but on my kabalites I've actually given them all masks made from wood elf dryad heads. This is a bit tedious as it involves both carving out the back of a dryad head and cutting half the face off a dark eldar wych (bare head) but looks really effective like thay are all wearing daemon masks. I originally tried it with bloodletter heads but while looking really cool they are just a tad too big.

    Hope I've given you a few ideas,

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