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    Viability of lots of scourges?

    So, I have 30+ of the new Forgeworld Eldar Corsair models, and given the list appears to have allied Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors as an option, I've decided to run my army so far using the Dark Eldar list, proxying said Corsairs as Scourges.

    Unfortunately, Scourges don't seem so crash hot. I'm not a hyper-competitive player, so what do you guys think? 30 Scourges, can it work? What else should the list (~1000 points) take?

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    30 (x1)

    So 30 Scourges in 3x10 squads is a cheap investment.
    deep strike 1 squad with a heat lance to kill vehicle/infantry of your choice
    second squad give haywire blaster to sit back and prevent your opponents favorite tank from shooting (I prefer a 5 man squad)
    give scourges SC's and watch them wittle away infantry.

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    251 (x8)

    Scourges are actually cheaper than the gear they come with.

    As for arming them? Ho hum i'm a real fan of haywire blasters given their rarity in the codex with heat lances being my second favourite choice - even if it does involve getting awfully close. Five men with two lances is pretty good, but given the context I think that is wasted potential. I would always take a solarite in a large squad - a naked one - just for the leadership boost.

    As for the rest of the list, if we are sticking to the corsair theme then warriors are the way to go, 10 men with a splinter cannon and blaster is typically seen as the "default" loadout, but the shredder is by no means a poor option. The lance is a tad wasted given how potent splinter weaponry is when brought in decent numbers.

    If I were to build a sensible list I would approach it like this-

    Archon 130
    Agoniser, combat drugs, shadowfield, haywire grenades

    10 Warriors 115
    1 blaster
    1 splintercannon

    Raider 60

    9 wyches 148
    haywire grenades
    1 hydra gauntlets
    Hekatrix with agoniser

    Raider 60

    7 scourges 184
    2 haywire blasters

    7 scourges 184
    2 haywire blasters

    Ravager 115


    As much as I loathe to give the wyches haywire grenades, given their aggressive nature and limited close support in this list the grenades will provide some usefulness.

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