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    DE Scourges (the good and the bad of the models)

    So I got my first Flock of Scourges today, and here's my take on what's good and bad so far:

    The bad:

    Only 2 female torsos, coupled with only 5 torsos period there's not a lot of options
    the legs are the most paired of all DE models so far, in that some have different size studs to join them, so not a lot of modelling options here either.

    The Good:

    On the upside, the torsos from Kabalites will fit with a little care, that is the fronts, you need the Scourge backs due to the wings.
    A bit of care will be needed using the Kabalite torsos and you may want to cut the shoulder guards off, I'd suggest you do this before attaching the rear of the torso to the front, just so you don't accidentally lop off the studs on the back of the torso.

    This is a good thing for those of us who like me are modelling an all female DE army, as it means you will just need 2 scourge flocks and 2 kabalites to make 10 all female scourges with 2 female torsos over. Otherwise you would have needed 3 scourge sets for just 6 female scourges. Still an expensive way to do it but cheaper than the worst case option.
    Looking forward to finishing building them tomorrow, legs and torsos on, still arms, heads and wings to go.

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    i dont like the bat wings but i suppose i can buy the bits separate

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    I have to agree that I'm not fond of the bat wings, they are however lovely lovely models, it's such a shame that the points cost for them is astronomical


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    I got my boxes. I actually really like the models. The Downsides are that there is only one of each weapon so you need 4 boxes to make a 10-man squad with 4 heavy weapons. The other downer is that the feet are already attached to the stones that they are standing on. I wanted to mount mine on my own scenery so I have to cut every one off the stone.

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