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    The Warkopta... <yourexperiencehere>

    So I've been eyeing up a warkopta conversion on the horizon.

    I'd have been over the moon if they could outflank... but they can't [even after all their reference to being used primarily by kommandoes]

    What I want to know from you good folk is;

    [1] Have you ever used one/some?

    [2] How did you use it/them?

    [3] How did it/they perform?

    [4] Did you use it transport capacity and if so what did it transport?


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    I've tried it with warboss and 5 Nobz with a Painboy. If you go first you get to move 24" the first turn and get a 4+ cover save. Then the enemy shoot it down. If you go second you might be dead in the water.

    Over all it works a lot like a trukk. Same armour, a little faster. Blows up real fast. And since it looks kind of snazzy the enemy will shoot it before any trukks. I haven't been able to fire the deffgun. But it would be great if it would survive after the boyz have jumped out and you can fly back to your own table edge for some pot shots.

    If you gonna use it don't put boyz in it. Ten are too few even with 'eavy armour. I recommend Nobs, Burna boyz or Tank bustas.

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