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    Questions Concerning Doom and Hive Tyrant

    A couple of questions have arisen at my local game store so I thought Id come to the best for answers.
    First question about doom, does the leadership check for spirit leech go against modified or unmodified leadership? Ex if deathleaper reduces the leadership of a model, would you check off of that value? Also are invul saves allowed against the spirit leech ability?

    Next issue involves Tyrants lash whip and acid blood. Scenario of my last game was tyrant was in btb contact with 2 terminators out of 6 in a combat. His lash whip lowered the I of the two in combat to 1. The rules state that the unit must make the I check at the end of the phase, but since only 2 of the termies were in btb than the majority was at 4 so thats what we tested off of. Was this correct?

    Last issue was one of the termies was Typhus. Since he is an independent character, even though he joined the unit does he count as a separate unit as for as those I checks at the end of the phase? Thanks for the help.

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    Doom: Yes it does, and yes they are. Cover saves too for some reason acording to the FAQ.

    Yes it was correct to use the majoritory value, and typhus would only take checks if he wounded the tyrant, due to him counting as a separate unit during an assault.
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