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    Need help on building a 1500pt list

    I've recently scored myself a fair amount of figures (Eldar, Tau & Nids) . I've already got a Space Marine bike army at 1500-2000pts.

    Was wondering what would be a good 1500 or 2000pt list. Based on these figures. Thanks

    10 Dire Avengers + 2 Exarches
    44 Guardians
    3 War Walkers
    1 Wave Serpant
    2 Weapon Platforms
    1 Wraithlord
    1 Fire Prism
    1 Phoenix Lord Karandras (Scorpions)
    1 Avatar
    8 Striking Scorpions + 1 Exarch
    5 Fire Dragons + 1 Exarch
    5 Guardian Jetbikes
    1 Falcon
    1 Farseer
    4 Warlocks

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    Ok I would suggest you to use this list
    It is a pretty defencive army list but pretty good with what is availiable.

    Farseer with Fortune,Guide and Spirits Stones

    20 Guardians with Bright Lance Platform
    1 Warlock with Conceal and Spear

    20 Guardians with Bright Lance Platform
    1 warlock with Conceal and spear

    10 Dire Avengers
    Exrach with Bladestrom and 2Avengers Shurikens Catapults mounted on a
    Wave Serpent with Spirits Stones,Star Engines,Vectored Engines and twin-linked bright Lances

    10 Striking Scorpions
    Exarch with Power Claw and the 2 Exarch powers

    Heavy Support
    Falcon with Scatter Laser,Holofields and Spirit Stones

    3 WarWalkers with 6 Scatter Lassers

    Total: 1466

    I recomend to use the rest of the points to add some extra wargear to your Farseer depending on what enemy u r facing!
    Also deploy the Guardians in covers and place the Avatar nearby to make them Fearless.Use the Falcon to bring down enemies tanks and advance using mainly your Scorpions and the Avengers.The Farseer is a realy flexible unit that can either join the Avengers to make them more killy and more resestand or keep him back (which is what I suggest) and have him Fortune the Avatar and guide the Falcon or the Guardians!

    happy gaming!
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