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    Leaked 6th edition info contrains Tau Rumours

    Hey guys, I found this link in the rumours and news section of the LO: Blood of Kittens Community Hub | rideroftheerk | Activity

    It goes over what appears to be all the changes for the new 6th edition. However, what caught my eye was the mention of a rough timeline of codex/model releases (near the end of the post). Tau are to the released before or with 6th edition as some might have guessed.

    I also found it very interesting that our models are to be released in a single wave with 3 plastic boxes and 4 finecast. I'm guessing that 2-3 of the models will be HQs, but that still leaves 4 or 5 unknowns. I can really only guess as to the contents of the kits. I wouldn't be surprised to see pathfinders being released in plastic, maybe as a combined firewarrior kit (the models are similar enough). If the forgeworld models are any indication of the Tau prospects, then hopefully we can see new xv8 and xv9 plastic/finecast suits. There may also be an update to the pihranna kit to include the forgeworld variant upgrades.

    I hope they don't waste time and money re-doing the krootox. I'm also hoping that the squat rumours are just a WHFB dwarf player's fantasy - do not want.

    Tau my love! You are back!

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    Assuming that it isn't a detailed hoax, I was more interested in the base rules than in the release schedule...

    -Snipers are suddenly worth a damn... (bonus: IG and SM scouts)

    -DSing in close is extremely risky (bonus: tau, and anyone facing daemons)

    -Restoration of the 1" bubble around vehicles after they're charged (and not killed) (bonus: anyone with large vehicles-for OBJ smothering hijinx)

    -multiple barrage for multiple templates of the same weapon coming from one unit (bonus: anyone facing missile launcher devastators...)

    -no more half strength for blast marker hole not over vehicle (but -3 to damage table instead)...interesting, not sure who it helps.

    -Infantry can voluntarily leave melee with a walker (bonus: hordes tarpitted by AV12+ walkers)

    -Skimmers are only ever hit on 6s in melee...(bonus: well, lots of armies have skimmers, but the bonus is transport skimmers, so tau and eldar)

    -each vehicle weapon can target a different unit (like tau vehicle wargear allows-advantage: Leman Russes...battle cannon plus three heavy bolters sounds like the new standard kit)

    -multiple embarked units are trapped: trapped player choosed an access point for each unit...the trapping enemy unit must charge the designated "emergency disembark" unit...interesting...so if tau did this to deathwing, for example, the terminator chaplain could force the crisis team blocking the assault ramp to charge him, while the terminator squad slipped out the side and forced the kroot to charge them...definitely favors the side whose transport has just been blown sky-high...

    -Open-topped lost its damage table modifier (bonus: Truks, Pirhana, guard artillery)

    -Non-scoring units can take objectives for 2VP (versus 3VP for scoring units) (bonus: tau!!!!)

    Stratagems for tau:

    For 2 points, make a unit relentless (hmmm...pseudi-ASS for BS4 broadsides?)

    For 3 points, enemy DSers test for scatter as if they were 6" closer to you...(so the "suicide zone" becomes 12" instead of 6")

    For 12 points, play night fight the whole game (veiled2: 2D6x2" sight...imagine playing that with helios teams, where you get to reroll your sight distance and the enemy doesn't!)
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    A lot of interesting stuff in that. If this indeed the newest edition is heading, the game will be quite a bit different. I like many of the things listed, even the stuff that might not be so good for Tau. Overall good stuff I think. Going to read it over again.
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