So I ordered two of these.

The kits from forgeworld consist of a normal GW raider kit and 9 resin pieces. This is the first kit from forgeworld that I have ordered. I was a little disappointed in the quality of the resin parts. Some of them were bent and some of the bits that are supposed to line up did not. The part of the main gun that's inside the raider is a little too big. I really had to jam the model together.

After all that it looked pretty good, and with a little work I managed to get rid of the gaps.

In game i don't think it was that great. I used it with night shields, flicker fields, and a shock prow. I think the shock prow is necessary since it only has one weapon.

Overall it wasn't great. Only having one shot makes this really hit/miss. I think I would have been better off with another ravager or razorwing. I stun locked a rhino for two turns...

On the other hand on my last turn I used the enhanced aethersails (the reaper comes with these) and shock prow to push his guys away from an objective. He got close enough to claim it but couldn't hurt the reaper to stop me from contesting. It won me the game. I don't usually run AE or shock prow.