There is a big tournament in November at a Denver Con called Feast of Blades. They host a tournament for the people who qualified (1rst or 2nd from an RTT that just took place) and also hold an open tournament for those who did not. It's a three day affair. For more info: Feast of blades: About Feast of Blades

Anyway, we just had our qualifier yesterday played at one of my local stores here in Salt Lake City, Ut called Mindgames. I of course played my Tau with the following list:

Shas'o; plasma, mpod, positional relay, hw drone controller, 2x shield drones, hw multi-tracker, hw target lock, iridium armour, stimulant injector

3x broadsides; team leader w/ target lock and hw drone controller, 2x shield drones; broadside w/ drone controller, 2x shield drones, broadside w/ target lock

Hammer head; railgun, SMS, target lock, multi tracker disruption pod

Hammer head; ion cannon, SMS, target lock, multi tracker disruption pod

pathfinders x8, devilfish w/SMS, target lock, targeting array, multi tracker disruption pod

pathfinders x8, devilfish w/SMS, target lock, targeting array, multi tracker disruption pod

fire warriors x6

fire warriors x12

fire warriors x12

kroot x10, kroot hounds x2

kroot x10, kroot hounds x2

crisis suit team lead w/ twin linked mpods, targeting array, hw drone controller, 2x gun drones; crisis suit w/ twin linked mpods, targeting array

crisis suit team lead w/ twin linked flamers, mpod, targeting array, target lock, hw drone controller, 2x gun drones; 2x crisis suits w/ twin linked flamers, mpod

First round I play against a Tyranid player. 12 inch deployment. 2 Tervigons, Trygon, 2 3 man Warriors, Hive Tyrant prime, Ymgarl Genestealers, 2 biovores, and 2 gaunt squads, 3 zoanthropes in a pod. I get first turn and burn down his closest tervigon and kill his biovores while picking off a few gaunts. I also cause 3 wounds to his other tervigon. He runs forward and is unable to do anything to me due to lack of range and biovores (he is DSing his trygon and zoanthropes in a pod while doing the ymgarl genestealer thing and outflanking with his second warrior squad). He manages to regen 2 of the wounds on the tervigon. Turn two I kill his hive tyrant, a few more gaunts and take his warrior squad down to half and I outflank my kroot on the right hand of my board edge leaving them there in case his warriors and thinking the genestealers would also be outflanking. I didnt realize they were ymgarl at the time. He shoots his warriors into a fire warrior squad killing a couple, closest and only thing really in range. His other warrior squad came in on the left board edge and shot the same fire warrior squad killing 1 or 2. My turn 3 I killed the first warrior squad and the middle gaunt squad and put a few more wounds on the remaining tervigon. He DS'ed his zoanthropes, and trygon. I burned the trygon down and killed most of his other gaunt squad (his tervi spawned 2 more and ran out of juice having rolled doubles) his original warriors and take the new warriors down to 1 model. His zoanthropes are unable to overcome my disruption pods and his ymgarl infiltrate into the terrain piece holding a fire warrior squad and a pathfinder squad sitting on an objective. He loses a few due to so little space available and made the mistake of not multi charging both units but managed to wipe out the fire warrior squad. He did manage to regen another 2 wounds on his tervigon. I retaliated with a kroot squad and other various shooting to kill the ymgarl at range. I light the tervigon up and kill him with railgun fire (4 shots will do that) and take out a zoanthrope. His last turn he tried closing his remaining warrior to my troops but got held up in terrain while his zoanthropes were still unable to overcome my disruption pods. I tank shocked his 2 gaunt squads on his objective and both made leadership so I dumped out my 6 fire warriors and with quite a bit of fire power mowed them all down wiping every last of his models off the table.

Round 2 was against a grey knight player. table quarter deployment , me with first turn again. He had 2 of their str8 auto cannon dreads, a gk squad with a lot of those hbolter guns (can't remember the name) 2 5 man squads, a jump packer squad, a full squad in stormraven, The name termie guy who gets the shadow termies accompanied with 5 termies, librarian with 5 termies.

I set up fully in my quarter with a nice fluffy bubble wrapped outer edge of kroot and then fire warriors. He hides his 2 autocannon dreads and has his pergation ... ? squad in a terrain piece with good range on my guys. everything else is DSing. With a little movement I manage to pop one of the dreads with a railgun and take off a weapon. The rest of my fire is directed at the gk squad which I wipe out. His named termie comes in on turn one and kills a couple kroot at range while his auto cannons fail to do anything to my vehicle but take a drone from my torch squad. I retaliate by stripping off the second weapon on the dread and taking 2 termies with volleys of fire. His other dread makes his saves and I fail to do anything other then shaking it. His 2 small 5 man squads come in and land on his objective while his jump pack squad come in near his named termie. He takes a few more kroot and his termies shoot up my torch squad making me lose another drone and take a few wounds.

I tear down his jump pack squad, his dread and another termie or two as well as 2 of his gk from a 5 man squad. His dread finally is destroyed and I finish off his weaponless dread that has been trying to charge me for a couple of turns. His librarian comes in and torches some kroot and destroys one of my devil fish. His other grey knights shoot up most of my other kroot squad leaving it with 5 members. My turn I kill half of his librarians squad and put a wound on the librarian. and kill his named termie. He finally gets his stormraven in but it lands on top of his librarian and mishaps terribly (really crappy luck on his part and the ONLY thing he could have landed on in that area) He charges my kroot and gets stalled in combat (which I eventually win) I then proceed to wipe out his remaining stuff and kill his librarian.

Last game was against a Space Wolf razor spam list. I was scared of his 2 scout squads flanking me from behind so I deployed my kroot on the back edge (probably a mistake especially as they came in late in the game) He gave me first turn and in the pitch black of Dawn of war I managed to hit and destroy a few rhinos and razorbacks. He immobilizes one of his lascannon backs but it can still shoot. His shooting that first round wasn't great and my return fire left him with only a few rhinos/razorbacks and even took a couple longfangs. He destroyed one of my fish and shook my ion hammer. he also wiped out a full squad of fire warriors. 11 wounds that I only managed to save 2 of. He only got in one of his skimmers. I proceeded in knocking out more of his rhinos and left him with only a few while taking out one of his squads that ran forward in the open. Torched them and finished them off with small arms fire. He got another skimmer in which took out the ion and his scout squad came in on an edge and assaulted my broadsides. This assault lasted till the end of the game but I ended up winning it. He managed to get my other 12 man down to 7 took out the rail head and other devil fish. In the end he took the game by one objective. We really duked it out the whole game. Just couldn't get the rhinos all taken care of or kill enough of the long fangs. It's a tough list.

I really enjoyed the three games I played. Great players, fun games and no disagreements that weren't either easily rectified with discussion, rules look up, and one third person ruling. The last guy I played against was a blast and I hope to go up against him again.

At any rate, the only two other undefeated players actually got a draw which allowed me into 2nd place and qualify for The Feast of Blades. So with any luck hopefully I can make a good showing for the greater good at that tournament.