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    Starting Off Tau, Need Army Building (Mostly Buying) Advice

    In my town a new Gaming shop opened up and my friends and I are taking the opportunity to get into WH40k. I've done my research, looked through the armies, and I've decided that Tau is the army I want to play. They are, by far, the most appealing to me. It is highly unlikely that I'll change my mind on this.

    We're starting off with low point games, and working off of the standard Battleforce, so that's going to be my first buy. I'm probably going to give some of my Fire Warriors Carbines and call them Pathfinders. That'll give me 1 XV8, 6 Fire Warriors, 6 Pathfinders, 12 Kroot, 3 Stealth Suits, and a Devilfish. Obviously, since we're just starting out, this is going to be casual play and fun is what matters the most. From that point, however, what's the best way to expand? Pickup more XV8's? Grab broadsides or hammerheads? Pirahnas? I remember someone saying that Skyrays could be easily converted into hamerheads, so that's an option too. Money is somewhat of an issue, I do not have limitless funds, but I have enough to afford this hobby (addiction?). Because of that, I'd like buying to expand my army to be cost efficient in terms of effectiveness and expansion.

    Currently I have no experience in playing WH40k, but I know a fair amount of the lore, having read some books and played the Dawn of War games. I have a pretty good tactical mind, though, and I've read a lot of the Tacticas posted here. I'm not worried about *how* to play the Tau, more how to progressively build my army as the people I'm playing with do the same.

    Furthermore, my closest friend is going to be playing IG. Knowing him, he's going to be stressing artillary. With that in mind, am I going to want to prioritize Broadsides and Hammerheads? I'd especially like to stay competitive with him, as he's who I'll be playing against the most.

    Edit: Double posted because my browser ****ed up. Woops.

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