Unit of the Week: Venomthropes - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Unit of the Week: Venomthropes

    Do you guys use these much? I love their cover save, but I have never seen or used them in combat. How do they fare?

    Post away,

    The Warlord

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    Meh...they are OK but you really need more than one...which constitutes a problem for me because the one that i bought has become the bain of my existence.

    to start off with it was miscast to a point where one of the rows of tubes on its back had to be severed into 2 pieces to make it fit propperly, i got 3 left arms (this wasnt a problem so much as i was able to improvise) but thhose arent why i despise the model. the reason is that it is an absolute nightmare to put together as the arms keep falling off and all you have to do is just catch it the slightest bit and they break free!.

    anyway i have just had to repair it again today and im hoping that this time will be the last but that cannot be said for sure so im not going to touch it untill tomorow just to be on the safe side.

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    I have 3 and yes i use them some times , it depends on the army you are facing, but against any shooty army i take them. use them dead center of the swarm to maximize the effect they have.
    If you have a swarm army you have to have them You take less casualty's. that realy helps you later in the game

    I found that in guarding big bugs there good 2
    had 2 units of carny's (5 total ) with regen and 2 venoms guarding the unit from behind and help the carny in multi assault you sould see the look on
    your oppnets face when your take apart CC dreads teminator units and he doesn't get to hit back lass whips are great.

    The only trouble with this unit is that it takes out an anti tank unit, because it takes up an elite slot. That's means i have to drop zoat's, doom or a hive guard unit...
    the rest of the elite section is not worth the points. nids need synergy and this is a great one usually i drop the hivegard, against SM I drop the zoats because the physic hood just nerfs the game.
    My doom is in every game

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