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Thread: Tyranid Help

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    Tyranid Help

    I was not sure if to post this in here or the army list section; apologies if I chose wrong:

    I have recently got a load of nids off a friend who is quitting; Not played with them before and am wondering what people would recommend as a list to use with them? No specific points value, just what would be the best list possible with what I have?

    3x Raveners
    3x Warriors
    1x Carnifex
    2x Trygons (primes I think?)
    Hive Tyrant
    2x Lictor
    1x Biovore
    1x Venomthrope
    3x Ripper Swarms
    16x Hormagaunts
    23x genestealers
    16x Termigaunts
    1x Broodlord
    1x Hive guard

    Not even sure where to start with nids


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    Lizardmen (2000pt): W/D/L: 3/3/3

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    OK, this is a good starting point, but I am afraid some of those models won't be used, and you will need to buy a few more.

    I'd use both the Trygons. Then buy another Biovore or two and make that a unit. That's your Heavy Support done.

    Fast attack, the Raveners will do. Convert yourself a Harpy. Use some Gargoyles is you really want to, but I find there are better things to buy out there.

    Troops - this friend of yours liked Genestealers, obviously. I would use an amount of Genestealers in a brood with a Broodlord (any amount, as long as it's 10+). Then use your Carnifex as a Tervigon, with at Catalyst, Toxin Sacs, and Adrenal Glands. Field the Hormagaunt unit with Toxin Sacs and field the Termagant unit as is. For a fifth unit, I would recommend either an upgraded Warrior Brood (for fun) or another kitted out Hormagaunt Brood (for competition). Depends on whether you're gonna get serious with 'nids.

    Elites. If you want to win any game, you need one brood of two Hive Guard, and one brood of two Zoanthropes in a Spore, AT LEAST. Seeing as you already have Lictors, get yourself another one and make them a brood too (I just love the look of Lictors ). This is the section of the 'nid codex that focuses on anti-armour, so use it wisely. You may think of using melee anti-armour i.e. MC's, but I am sure someone like Heirodule will come along on this thread and explain why you don't, along with why ranged anti-armour and a Tervigon is undeniably useful.

    Finally, HQ. I would go with a Dual Talon Tyrant with Wings, or a dual TL-Devourer Tyrant with a Guard or two. If you want a second choice, make a Prime and slot him in with the Warriors.

    Hope this helps.

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