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    Newbie eldar player

    Right, i was thinking about starting up an eldar army as i saw my friend playing them in a match i was in, I was gonna go for a White with Green colour scheme. This is only really gonna be a fluff/fun army usually playing at 1000pts, maybe 1500pts. I want to win against mostly Marines and nid's, sometimes orks but not often anymore, any help would be apreciated my eldar brothers

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    I'm sure if you search through the numerous posts here you will find the answer to your questions - however my input is; you can try to tune an army to beat any of the 3 options you've given, but frankly that leads to sloppy thinking. Also, whilst nids and orks can be similar (lots of models, low armour saves, CC focused, few/no heavy vehicles) if you tune towards this then marines will eat you for breakfast.

    To be allround good then you can't go far wrong with Dire avengers, fire dragons, wave serpents, banshees or scorpions and a farseer and some Fire Prisms / Night Spinner. The most competitive eldar lists are mostly mech based.

    Things to avoid - Swooping Hawks, wraithguard, Shining spears, Vypers (although some people like 'em)

    Eldar can be tricky to master so keep it simple to start with and find out what works for you. If you make errors with Eldar they are not forgiving like marines so expect a couple of heavy beatings whilst you get the hang of them.

    Good luck.
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    Basically with Eldar you just have to use the units which are good and more or less ignore the ones that aren't, which is an unfortunate problem with the codex really. Farseers are almost completely mandatory with nearly all Eldar lists starting from a base of 2; Autarchs are unfortunately also HQ and therefore clash with the Farseer slots. Farseers are the most ubiquitous and useful units that we have really, since with Fortune, Doom and Guide they make all your units better. Dire Avengers are the only troops choice you should really consider, since Guardians are terrible and Rangers are cute but not very practical. The usual loadout for a unit is an Exarch with dual catapults, a Wave Serpent with either EMLs or Scatter Lasers (some balanced mix of the two is best), and put a Farseer with at least Doom if not Guide/Fortune as well in with the squad to make them more durable and effective - two such units and you should be good. As far as Elites are concerned, you can't really go wrong with Fire Dragons as a catch-all anti-tank solution (nothing is surviving a round of Dragon shots), Howling Banshees kept within Doom range of a Farseer to deal with Marine equivalents, and Striking Scorpions for swarms. For Fast Attack we don't really have anything good, Warp Spiders are OK but most lists won't need them. As far as Heavy Support is concerned, basically Fire Prisms are amazing but only with two or three of them, Night Spinners are good, and everything else is trash. Most competitive Eldar lists are nearly completely mechanised, which means the troop numbers tend to be quite low. A lot of people like to use Seer Councils (that is, Farseers with Warlock squads since there is no 'Seer Council' per se now) but I find them to be too clunky and that concentrating the amount of points you spend on them over such a small area is just asking for a Vindicator to wipe out a third of your army. Stick with that roughly and you should be good for almost any army you come up against, although I have found Sisters of Battle to be a slight issue because of the combination of large numbers and high Armour Saves.

    Other units you want to avoid, as Daziel said. The army is very strategic and takes some getting used to so expect to lose a bit before you start winning. But as an army they really do reward good play style and strategic thinking and are one of the most rewarding armies for me at least in that respect.

    TL;DR summary: Use the good units. Don't use the bad ones. Spam tanks. Play well.

    Hope that helps

    ~ Acarna
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