Hey guys, as the title says I'm starting to get into Dark Eldar after playing with Tau for years.
I usually play 1500pt games and after reading through the dex and forums I've decided to go with a Duke Sliscus build with Wyche+Heamonculus and Raiders.

I have a few questions regarding this particular build and Dark Eldar/rules in general, so I made this thread in order to not clog up the FAQ:

1. Is the Duke's Trueborn squad a retinue? Or may he leave them anytime he wishes? If so, does the TB squad retain 'The Serpent's Venom' (3+ wound with splinter weapons) after the Duke leaves them?

2. ICs and disembarking: If I have a squad of 9 Wyches and a Heamonculus on board a raider, can I disembark the Wyches, take the token and continue to shoot/fleet/assault with the Wyches? I suppose the main question is: upon disembarking the Wyches are they treated as separate units for all intents and purposes? There's been a bit of conjecture regarding this on other boards, my interpretation of the RB on page 67 is that they can. This also applies to the above scenario with the Duke splitting with the Trueborns.

3. If the Duke shoots his blast pistol, does he still get the bonus attack (for twin weapons) if he assaults?

4. If Wyches become fearless (via 3 pain tokens) and lose an assault, can they use their dodge(4+) against wounds inflicted by the 'No Retreat!' rule?

5. Raider/Venom speeds: I know that these have probably been clarified many times but I want to make sure I've got it right.

Flat out: Nothing can disembark or shoot.

Enhanced Aethersails: Nothing can disembark or shoot regardless of distance added to sail move. Cruising + Sails (or anything less than 13" + 2d6") does not count as flat out and does not gain obscured save (4+) or crash on immobilize even if it ends up moving 24".

Cruising: Vehicle may fire a single weapon and all defensive weapons (unlike Ravager), troops on board may not shoot unless they disembark. Disembarked troops can shoot/fleet and assault.

Combat: Vehicle can fire all weapons. Troops can fire from vehicle (measure from hull, count as moving). Disembarked troops can shoot/fleet and assault.

Stationary: Vehicle can fire all weapons. Troops can fire from vehicle completely (measure from hull, count as stationary). Disembarked troops can move, shoot/fleet and assault.

Deepstrike: Same as cruising except disembarked troops cannot assault in the case of a Duke DS. Vehicles which gain Deep Strike with the Retrofire Jets upgrade however, may not have it's passengers disembark or shoot.

Am I missing anything here?

6. When Heamonculus fires his Liquifier gun from a transport, can you position the template anywhere as long as the narrow end touches a part of the vehicle's hull?

7. If you choose to take Haywire grenades, must you equip the entire unit with them?

Now that the rule questions are out of the way I'm looking for some opinions on wargear/setups.

Vehicles upgrades:
Flickerfield and Nightshield are pretty straight forward (FF for long range, NS for short). My biggest dilemma at the moment is whether to take the Aethersails or not, I'm assuming that they might be a bit superfluous on a Duke list. I've read about shock raiders which take chain-snares, envenomed blades, TGL, Aethers and shock prow but they seem a bit gimmicky and a bit expensive considering the fraility of the raiders to begin with. I couldn't see a build like that working too well against MEQs, but maybe against low Ld hordes it might have a place.

I always hope for 6 (Splintermind) however I'm starting to consider that 4 (Painbringer) might have greater (yet situational) potential against certain matchups, seeing as there is no other cheap way to gain wound ReRolls whilst pain tokens can be accumulated.

Wyche upgrades:
Haywires and Hekatrix w/ Agoniser are almost mandatory. Out of the other three weapons I think the Hydra gauntlets are probably the most viable and cost effective. Razorflails aren't really worth the points if you roll painbringer (drug) making the wound ReRolls redundant.
Nets+Imps, being defensive weapons don't really fit into my style of playing especially when you already have dodge/FnP. Also their inablity to completely negate attacks (beyond 1 minimum) makes them kinda pointless against standard troops. Against stronger units you will have a hard time hitting the right target (eg ICs/Power weapon wielders) and if the entire unit are killy CC models than you are better off focusing on increasing your own attacks and whittling them down in the shooting phase.

From what I've read so far this guy is a utility unit who is supposed to stay out of assaults and just shoot off his little toys from the raider.
Liquifier is amazing for it's cost, so far I haven't played around with any of the other arcanes mostly due to point restrictions. However if I have a few points to spare I might throw a venomblade on him just in case things go wrong (raider crashes). 5pts is a decent insurance IMO.

I only have one squad in my Duke 1500 list (Duke's 3+ venom buddies) so I max out the squad as much as possible and stock up on Splinter weapons. I've encountered another dilemma here in regards to the splinter cannon. As of yet I've had trouble keeping stationary in order to make full use of them and because of the significant range difference between the cannon and the carbines (which go on every other guy) I'm starting to think that it would be better just to do a 9man squad all with carbines. I haven't considered any CC options for these guys yet.

Well that pretty much sums up my Dark Eldar thoughts so far, they're definitely an exciting army to model and paint (compared to the rather unadorned Tau), now I'm hoping that the gameplay marks up.

Awaiting your opinions and critisisms.