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    Experiences with Planetstrike?

    We've got an 800 point Planetstrike game coming up, and I was thinking of bringing a Dark Eldar army (due to having played mostly Necrons and Ultramarines lately). Unfortunately I've never played Planetstrike and I'm not familiar with the rules; I've only got the basics from a GW article. I'm hoping that folks here have some experience with how a Dark Eldar army can do well.

    I need to bring both an attacking army and a defending army, as the sides will be randomly determined before each match.

    For the attacking army, I've noticed that the GW article states that units which Deep Strike can assault in the same turn. Does this include units that Deep Strike via a dedicated transport? If so, retrofire jets on a Raider look really attractive; for a mere 5 points I could have a unit of Deep Striking Incubi launch right into an assault.

    For the defending army, I can't see many reasons not to start with all but one unit in reserve. Maybe putting a unit of Kabalite Warriors inside a bastion and hoping that the AV14 will hold out long enough for them to return fire with everything that they've got. I'd minimise the number of bastions and hope that my opponent rolle dlow on his initial barrage.


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    In my experience its whoevers attacker wins, but this is a lower points value it should be a bit different. About your question as to deepstriking, yes a unit that already had the deep strike usr can assault. I don't know about vehicles though because I've never played against Dark Eldar but really there two sides of the story. Because its open topped most people would say you can but because the incubi don't have the deep strike rule already and can't assault others would say no, its just something you'd have to clear up with your opponent, I don't see why you can't though becuase deep striking counts as moving at cruising speed so you'd still be able to initiate an assault. As a defender I'd say your best bet is to reserve your entire army 'cept for a unit hunkered in a bastion like you said. But make sure you have about 3 bastions so you don't get wiped out by the firestorm or in the first turn. I'd recommend trying to fit in as many melta and flamer weapons as possible for when your the attacker, so if your able to invest in some reaver jetbikes or scourges for destroying bastions then use incubi to clear up whats inside. Hope this helps!
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    I'm not a DE player, but I saw mention of Planet Strike and I had to chime in =P

    To answer your question: No. If a unit in a dedicated transport deepstrikes in a dedicated transport that deepstrikes, the unit inside can not assault because the unit itself does not have the deepstrike rule. For example, if a SM player drops a unit of Assault Marines down in a Drop Pod, the unit inside would not be allowed to assault because it's the drop pod that deepstrikes. However, if the assault marines deepstrike in with Jet Packs, then they can assault because they're the ones with Deepstrike. Daemons have a field day in Planet Strike because they still deploy using their own rules even if they're defending, which means things like Letters/Crushers/Princes/Fiends/Grinders(especially fiends/grinders because of fleet) drop down and can just run straight into your units. At 800 points though, it should be a lot of fun without the silliness of 6 Heavy/Fast/Elite options
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    Just recently my miniature gaming club had a 40K Campaign utilizing Planetary Empires and -at least in the start- Planetstrike. One thing we noticed VERY quickly was that, in Planetstrike, the defender is actually not the defender and the attacker is actually not the attacker unless you add a house rule like we did.

    See... The defenders always, and I mean ALWAYS, just used their strategy points to add void shields to their objective bastions and deployed NOTHING to the table to avoid getting shot by the orbital barrage. First turn the attacker comes onto the otherwise empty table and drives around with nothign to do, usually without any cover either. Then, on the defenders' turn they bring in as much of their forces as they can, blow up as much of the now-defending attackers and hope to survive the retaliation next turn. It didn't really help that one side of the campaign was Eldar (and occasionally Dark Eldar) and the other was a mismatched bundle of Space Marines, Necrons, IG and Daemons.

    Now, the house rule we made was that the defending player HAS to deploy at least half of his forces (divided using a method similar to the one used by Daemons) because, really, why would they leave important strategic locations completely undefended. In turn we also dropped the number of orbital barrage shots down to d3+number of objectives. This system worked decently well and everyone had fun!

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