Hey folks, I'm fitting together my Raiders and Venoms and come across the following issue:

All Venom passenger models are Wyches and all Raider models are Kabalites. This is rather unfortunate since I will only transport my wyches in Raiders and warriors/trueborn in Venoms.

I'm now repositioning the arms of the wyches and this works, I still have to see if it works for the warrior models too.

So far no real problem I can't fix with some extra magnets but the more challenging part is: how to make wrack models to serve as passengers?

I was thinking of using Mandrake legs and fitting some warrior hands on the wracks.

How do you represent passengers on your dedicated transports?

I was thinking the most easy way would be to make a flag per unit, these are easily interchangeable on all transports.
But those models hanging onto the sides is just soo much cooler!