A friend showed me in one of the Rogue Trader books the stats and rules for a Broadside with twin linked Ion Cannons. This is one of the only things I was hoping to see in a new codex, but since GW has given us the release date of "F**K knows when" I have decided to take action into my own hands.
I'm not looking to make a new codex or anything like that, I just want to make a little upgrade to use in Apocalypse games.
So I came here cause I need advise on how to model make rules for the damn thing.
I was going to just get two Broadsides and three Hammerhead bit kits (I already have one Ion cannon laying around) But I think the actual cannon may be a bit to wide for the Broadside.
My new idea is just using some plastic tubes and adding bits and greenstuff until it looks Tau-like.
As for rules, I plan on keeping the ion cannon stats for the hammerhead but making it twinlinked. Price is my major concern. I was just going to make the IonSide 60pts, but think I may need to keep it at the current cost.
And I'm calling it an IonSide now. I think the name justifies my desire to produce these.