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Thread: 1000 point Nids

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    1000 point Nids

    HQ: Hive Tyrant
    1 TL Devourer, Scything Talons Leach and Paroxysm

    Genestealer brood (10) Adreanl glands, toxin sacks, Scything Talons.

    Termagaunt Brood, (17) Spinefists

    Hormagaunt Brood (15)

    Geanstealer Brood (9) Adrenal Glands Toxin Sacs

    1TL Devourer, Heavy Venon Cannon

    995 point value. I don't have many of the "newer" models i'm trying to recycle alot of my 4th ed stuff into a new army. Comments?

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    I'd honestly get rid of the Carnifex for some anti-tank. With the amount of points you've spent you could buy say two broods of two Hive Guard. Then this list would be semi-competitive.

    I'd recommend losing the Spinefists and Scything Talons on your Termagants and Genestealers, and giving your Hormagaunts Toxin Sacs.

    If you do that this list should be alright.

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    Your genestealers are far too overcosted, they don't need scything talons and they don't need adrenal glands. They die a lot easier now as they only have a five plus save so you really need the numbers with them. The only upgrade worth taking is Toxin Sacs as you can reliably wound everything and you get to reroll against anything toughness 4 or less (pretty much everything) which also gets you more rending hits. You don't even need that at low level. Numbers are always better in general.

    You have next to no anti-tank. The venom cannon just isn't going to be good enough. There's a lot more people using tanks in this edition. I'd advice you add a unit or two of hiveguard. If you don't want to get hold of new models you could convert some warriors with big guns, or use them as 'counts as' you could also use Zoanthropes but they have to be in a spore pod or they're never going to do anything.

    Hive Tyrant is very expensive in a small game like this. You could always opt for a Tyranid Prime and a small group of warriors (4 ish) to guard him. They can be used to capture objectives too. If you're going for the Tyrant think about squeezing in armoured shell or wings as he's going to die very quickly with only a 3+ save. He'll have a lot of trouble getting cover.

    The Carnifex just isn't that good anymore sadly, still yours is shooty which is probably the best way to go to get the expensive points cost back. Trygons are awesome but again it's a new model. Something to look into.

    Tervigons are really good, especially at supporting termagaunts. You could always convert your carnifex into one, it can be a troop or HQ choice as well which gives it flexibility. Always take catalyst for feel no pain and adrenal glands/toxin sacs to buff up all your termagants. He'd probably be better than a hive tyrant considering your large number of termagants. He's also a lot harder to kill with 6 wounds, you can even throw on regeneration. He also poops out more troops which is awesome.

    hormagaunts/ termagaunts are good with toxin sacs as you need to be able to reliably wound t4 models when you finally get the charge so that's a worthy upgrade. I'd also load out on more numbers as you always need big numbers with nid squads. 20 in each is nice.

    Hope that helps.

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