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    Genestealer question

    We all know that Genestealers act outside of the Hive mind and therefore do not have to check for Instinctual Behaviour. But what if they are within 12" of a Synapse creature, do they still become fearless? I can't seem to get a clear cut ruling on it. On one hand they act outside of the Hive mind so they don't use a Synapse creature; they act on their own. But the Synapse ruling says "a unit in Synapse range is not subject to the Instinctive Behaviour rule and they gain the Fearless special rule". I'm confused.

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    Instinctive behaviour and synapse are two different rules, and having an immunity to one doesn't mean you're excluded from the other. Things outside of synapse test for IB, things inside synapse don't have to. Genestealers are given a rule that means they don't need to test for IB but there's nothing about synapse rules not applying anymore. You can still be in synapse range if you never had IB in the first place, you just don't need the benefit of not needing to test for it. So if some Genestealers are inside synapse they still aren't subject to instinctive behaviour, but just gain the fearless rule. Its not a case of needing one to have the other.
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    As far as I know there's nothing stopping them, I think if you read it closely (I don't have my dex to hand right now) any nid within synapse range becomes fearless. Check their special rules, I'm sure it says fearless there.

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