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    Question about Paroxysm

    I wanted to ask a quesytion about paroxysm. Is it so simple to hit, you just need to pass a psychic test? Also, can you take cover saves against this psychic shooting attack? Last but not least, does it apply to ANY type of unit, f.e. Fearless units?

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    Yes, all you need to do is pass the psychic test. No, you may not take cover saves against psychic powers. The 'shooting' description only means that it can only be used in the shooting phase, and with all the restrictions in connection to those types of attacks, not the effect on the target; thus, units can only shoot either a psychic power OR a weapon (or a psychic power AND a weapon, if it's a Monstrous Creature (but not TWO psychic powers, unless the codex allows it for the unit), they may not run, they may not target units already locked in combat, and they may only assault whatever they targeted with the power. And, yes, you may legally target any unit unless the unit has a specific rule that forbids it. There's no universal special rule (like Fearless) that makes anything immune to psychic powers, including Paroxysm.
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