So Snagrod is the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon (currently). I am attemping to make my first army and im seriously considering making an arch-arsonist themed ork army. (you can see my prototype list here:

Im pretty stoked about it but one thing is kinda nagging at me. My Snagrod is going to be a Big Mek. Now, I have nothing against Big Mek's... but this guy laid waste to the Crimson Fist homeworld.. he should be a pretty stout fella right? Well Big Mek's are "OK" but they arent warbosses (obviously).

Im brainstorming about some converstion ideas that will make him LOOK the part, but im a bit worried that as good as he looks, he just wont be believable (strength wise) as an orky menace that makes a habit of crushing space marine homeworlds.

Now, I could go with a warboss in mega-armor.. but the problem I have with that is that the only template flamer type weapon that a warboss has available to him is a kombi-skorcha.. and I cant even take that if I go with mega-armor. That just wont do. Hes the Arch-ARSONIST... he needs a burna at the very least. Which is why the Big Mek works out. Plus its nice to have the KFF in my list.

Anyway I have a question and a request.

The Question:

- Do ya fink dat a Big Mek is killy enough to be da Arch-Arsonist o' Charadon?

The Request:

- I am an uber noob with VERY little tabletop experience and no ork experience. It would be great if you could share with me any stories you have about a Big Mek putting boot to face. Maybe it will make me more confident about the Arch-Arsonist as a Big Mek.