Orikan, Tremor Staves and Worldscape. Viable? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Orikan, Tremor Staves and Worldscape. Viable?

    So after flipping through the codex afew times i finally put 2 and 2 together with the whole synergy between Orikan, tremor stave cryptek and worldscape c'tan. Clearly the basic concept for the combo is force the enemy to spend the majority of the game moving through difficult/dangerous terrain meaning their force will hopefully come forward piecemeal and can be picked off as they trickle through.
    The main problems I can see for this combo would be gunline armies: if the enemy doesn't need to move then the whole combo is for nothing. The main counter i can see for this would be running Stormlord which would force them to come forward to get better LOS. Pulse cryptek aren't exactly viable as im assuming this army would max out as many tremor staves to account for the occasional miss with them. Another key problem is the C'tan Shard dying, early game this could be quite a blow as it takes the sting off the combo and makes it more annoying than anything. Being as large as they are they are quite hard to hide away and realistically it would be a waste not to use such a melee beatstick. Ideally I think running two with worldscape/bolt and worldscape/gaze or illusion would be good but pricey.
    As for the rest of the army itself i personally feel an Overlord/Anrakyr on a CCB would be a good addition as it could harass units as they approach and possibly some heavy destroyers to pick off transports, wraiths to intercept units as they come through or scarabs to tarpit units that make it through.
    What do people thing of this concept? Iv seen relatively little discussion on this combo despite people mentioning it here and there

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    I agree, you're relying on RULES to kill your opponent and nothing else. As to keeping the Ctan alive, hide him behind a monolith. This allows him to move up safely with zero line of sight (did it in the old codex very well). As to dealing with Night fighting, no biggy...just take wraiths and CC some stuff. I've been contemplating a list of 12 or 18 wraiths just to try it. Those guys are insane! A squad of 6 is always earning back MORE than it's pt value. Plus since the Ctan and Wraiths ignore terrain you can hide them in terrain after movement or consolidation forcing an enemy that wants to assault it to take some nasty tests. If they don't assault you can move out with on restrictions next turn and pick your target.
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    Quote Originally Posted by demyx View Post
    Ideally I think running two with worldscape/bolt and worldscape/gaze or illusion would be good but pricey.
    Just to give you a heads up, you can only take each power in an army once, so even if they do have different powers, like your idea of Worldscape/bolt and Worldscape/Illusion, would be illegal, because Worldscape is being taken twice. Sorry buddy, I really wish that we could, but could you imagine two or even three of the things with Lord of Fire? That would break just about any enemies anti-tank then and there

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