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Thread: Deathray Rules

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    Deathray Rules

    I recently read the rules for Doom Scythe deathray and something struck me: The rules say you nominate a point on the battlefield within weapon's range (12"), then a second point within 3D6" of the first. After that you draw a line between the points and determine what was left under the line. Now if I got this right after you've nominated the first point you roll the 3D6 and nominate the second point ANYWHERE within the rolled distance... Which would mean that you can measure the distance around the first point and pick any line you want, even one that goes behind an obstacle or very close to your own models. No scatter, no chance of estimating distance badly... Nothing. It always hits where you want to, it ignores cover from non-area terrain and you can actually measure before deciding.

    Is it just me or is this really the most accurate weapon in the whole game?

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    It's pretty much just a hellhound with a variable size attack.
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