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    Weapons Platform.

    Hi all,

    I've got 2 weapons platforms to make to go with some guardian squads (just what you get in the battle force box), but iv got no idea which weapon to use.

    Im only just starting out with eldar but know im having 3 War Walkers, 2 Prisms, Scorpions, maybe the forgeworld new aspect warriors, etc but dont know what workd=s best with guardians. Any helpwould be great thanks.

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    generally for anti infantry use a Scatter Laser, or if they will supplement your anti tank use a Bright Lance, you may wish to use a warlock in the squad to buff it as well.

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    If you can magnetizem them it would be the best choice.

    If not then go for either the Scatter Lasers or the Missile launcher. Choose them depending on the rest of your army and the points you have to spend. If you spam Dragons,Prism etc you might find handy to have some anti-light vehicle weapons. If you field Walkers,Vypers,Spiders,etc go for the launchers to have some proper anti-tank ,of chance, shoots.

    Why not the others?
    Shuriken Cannons: low range (only 24" )compered to the other weapons, and for 5 points more Scatter Lasser give you one more shoot which will be usefull in the BS3 Guardians.It has better AP but the most of the times you would prefer to shoot at vehicles. Not to mention that most players hide their units in cover.
    Star Cannons: Even though the AP2 is tempting Guardians lack BS to support this option. Hitting on 4+ is as rediculus as the point cost of this weapon. 25 points is just too many to be afforded in an already high-priced army. And it has only to shoots. Just no.
    Bright lance: One shoot that hits on 4+ and is at the same strenght with the EML. Lance is not that usefull. Fire Dragons and Prisms are those who deal with AV13+ armor and nothing more.And this weapon costs 40 points.

    EML: Is a very good all-round weapon choice. Can be switched to either Krak Missile which can harm (if you are lucky) enemies vehicles or Plasma to hurt enemies infantry.
    Scatter Lasser: Perfect to deal with low armor vehicles or put a little more pressure on enemies MC. The good think about this baby is that it has 4 shoots! This means that it would never let you down when you need to hit somethig (which can happen with the EML). And it costs only 15 that's pretty nice.

    Things to shoot at:
    Any vehicle that is betwwen AV10-11
    AV12 in two cases (avoid it though) :
    1)They are opened-topped
    2)They do not have upgrades like spirit stones,power of the machine spirit and generally when 1-2 results on the damage chart are not neglected.
    Targets with low armor and small numbers (e.g. Kabalite warriors)

    BUT do not be lulled Guardians are pretty good in low point games (up to 1200 ) where with the assistance of an Avatar really shine. Their cheap,have a mobile anti-tank platform and not many things can harm them. In bigger games their useless.

    Guardians and therefore their platforms must be your last line of Defence. Do not expect them to do miracles. It might happen to pop some Vehicles if you are lucky but that's all.Their role is to hold objectives. So place them in cover near an objective and start shooting.
    Also something that many players are ignorant of: Guardians Weapon Platforms can always be fire even if the squad has moved. So do not be afraid to move and also fire the EML!

    Lastly talking about Guardians always add a warlock. With Guardians Defenders ALWAYS give him the Embolden psyhic power. Guardians have Ld 8 which sucks and with the first models lost the whole squad can break. Ignore this if you add an Avatar in your list.

    Hope that I have been of some help.
    Last edited by MrRe-roll; November 22nd, 2011 at 21:10.

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    Things change quite a bit if you start switching to an avatar centered list.

    I use guardians quite a bit, in part due to still having them on hand from back when they and the starcannon were much better.

    On that note, either via magnetization or using a tacky glue instead of superglue, always leave yourself some weapon flexibility. Even if you're dead certain on what you want right now, a new dex or game edition can (and usually will) change what weapon you want.

    Anyway, I suggest going with the EML, and keeping them cheap (small squad, no warlock). But for killpoint reasons I could see spending a little more for an emboldern warlock. The reason for the EML is that guardians do not hold up to punishement. Wandering around in the open is a great way to lose the squad, however when in cover they can be surprisingly annoying to get rid of. The EML lets them be annoying from quite a distance away, and lets them potentially annoy a wide range of targets.

    Do take advantages of their ability to move and shoot. They can do this a couple ways. One is to extend a pseudopod of guardians to get good firing angles with the EML while leaving most of the guardians in or behind good cover.

    The other is that you should not feel obligated to put the guardians on an objective you'd eventually want them to claim if your opponent has short ranged or assault oriented troops. You can move your guys in later if you want to. But by keeping them off the objective if your opponent tries to run them down, their forces will be out of position to claim or contest the objective.

    Also you might want to do a little mathhammer to conveince yourself of how unimpressive those shurican catapaults are. I see too many players rush forward with their guardians to get those shuri shots only to get charged and annihilated because they only killed a marine or two. Generally you want to evade until have no choice or you're willing to sacrifice them to save something more valuable.

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