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    Stormlord Rules Query

    I’m currently building a stormlord list and have some rule queries.

    Firstly many people have been taking solar pulses with the stromlord but reading through the rules I’m not certain you would want to. The rule states that if you fail a Lord of the Storm roll then ‘the Night Fighting rules cease to be in effect and are not used for the rest of the game’. The line does not say ‘Lord of the Storm’ cannot be used for the rest of the game but instead that the Night Fighting rules cannot be used. In which case you would not be able to use a solar pulse to continue to deny shooting after.

    The second one which cannot be resolved until an faq is that the staff of the destroyer suffers from the same wording issue as the doom scythe, i.e. is it just models under the line or the whole unit which is affected. If it’s the former then it really is a waste of space, a warscythe can reap similar effects as what your average roll will achieve for a mere ten points, but if it were the latter then it seems awesomely powerful.

    The fact that the destroyer staff is a one use item really puts me into a quandary interpretation wise, though I will go with the weakest interpretation until an faq.

    Anyway thoughts and views would be much appreciated and my apologies if any of my interpretations have been most foolish.

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    The Stormlord's ability ending does not have anything to do with further Night Fighting caused by a Solar Pulse. This is evidenced by the very last sentence of the ability: Night Fighting caused by a Solar Pulse does NOT generate lightning.

    As far as his shooting attack, each unit under the line takes a number of hits equal to the models of that specific unit under the line.

    So if you have 3 units of 10 models each under the line, let's say unit 1 has 2 models under, unit 2 has 3, unit 3 has 4. Then unit 1 would take 2 hits, unit 2 takes 3 hits, unit 3 takes 4 hits.

    The hits are not cumulative. The hits affect the squad, your opponent may allocate the wounds to any model in the unit he sees fit, not just the actual models under the line.
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