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    Deathmarks and Crypteks, Possible Cheese?

    Ok, I'm going through the rules and I noticed that deathmarks get to wound a target on 2+ when they (the deathmarks) "deploy". My reasoning is, if you attach a cryptek with veil of darkness to a deathmark squad instead of moving they can deepstrike. The exact words are "The Cryptek and his unit are removed from the table and immediately Deep Strike". This leads me to believe that each time the unit deep strikes they "deploy" Meaning they get to use the "hunters from hyperspace" rule. If this is true then we can wound up to a maximum of 7 units on 2+ (1st turn deep strike in enemies movement phase followed by deep striking every subsequent turn during your own movement phase). So, am I seeing to much into this or could it be a valid tactic?

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    I can't see it working like that, if the rules say deploy then it would mean when you enter the battle field from reserve only. You might get away with nominating a second unit if you redeployed them using C'tan rules but that's costly and in my opinion ineffective.

    I like cheese and I'd like to say this works but i really don't think it does

    Sorry mate.

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    Even if it DID work like you suggest, it wouldn't be that cheesy. Oh yes, you could rack up an impressive number of "all Deathmarks wound on 2+" -units by the end of the game, but if you do it with one Deathmark unit the unit would be always limited to 12" range and would face an equally impressive risk of Deep Strike mishaps. If you want to abuse the Deathmark ability, take 3 minimum-size units of 5 each. Its quite affordable, gets you 3 units that EVERY Deathmark on the field can wound on 2+ and because you don't have to move your Deathmarks around they can make full use of their 24" range. I mean, how many more units do you have time to hunt down in one game anyway?
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