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    Craftship Gyaran Project

    Hi all, new member to this forum saying hello!!

    using a 'Craftworld generator' set of questons featured on the web, I have devised my plan for my new project.

    it has been nearly 20 years since I had an Eldar army, and I'm really excited about starting this one!!

    Please see my craftworld background and first model below, comments/suggestions for the fluff would be much appreciated as I'm a little behind on my Eldar specific fluff!

    Craftship Gyaran (Eldar Phoenixship Construct)

    Is your society based on a craftworld or elsewhere?

    Craftship Gyaran was originally the flagship of an Eldar expeditionary war host sent out from Craftworld Malan’tai

    When was your craftworld first established?

    The Craftship was established after the fall of Malan’tai.

    How was your craftworld established?

    Upon returning from war, Malan’tai was found to be a dead husk and uninhabitable due to its destruction by Hive Fleet Naga, Craftship Gyaran was born to continue the culture and ethos of their Craftworld.

    Gyaran means ‘Burden Carrying’ in the Eldar language, the inhabitants of the Craftship feel partly responsible for the fall of Malan’tai. The war host consisted of a huge fighting force from the Craftworld and felt that they could have ensured the Craftworlds survival had they been there.

    Did it exist before or after The Fall?

    As part of Malan’tai, it existed after the fall.

    Does your craftworld deal with other Eldar? Has this always been the case?

    Since the destruction of Malan’tai, Gyaran has relied upon the help of other craft worlds for many of it’s needs, as such it wanders between craftworlds, helping them in times of need and receiving aid when required.

    Does your craftworld deal with other races? Why, or why not?

    Due to it’s hatred of the Tyranids, Gyaran has mysteriously come to the aid of many different races that have found themselves the victims of a Tyranid invasion.

    How large is your craftworld? How large is its population?

    Despite the Craftship growing since the destruction of Malan’tai, it is still tiny compared to the established Craftworlds.

    How wealthy is your craftworld?

    Gyaran is relatively poor, relying on the help of Craftworlds for support

    Does your craftworld have colonies, establishments, or settlements?

    No, it is far too few in number to establish any.

    Does your craftworld have preferred or mortal enemies? If so, why?

    The Craftship hates the Tyranids for destroying Malan’tai and deliberately seeks out isolated Tyranid tendrils to attack and try to stem the hive fleets progress.

    The Craftship have a healthy respect and admiration of the Grey Knights due to them hunting down and killing the Greater Deamon M’kari who was devouring Spirit Stones on the wreck of Malan’tai, since that day Gyaran has aided the Grey Knights in fighting Chaos and deamon forces.

    How often does your craftworld wage war?

    Whenever called upon by nearby Craftworlds.

    Where in the 40k universe is your Craftworld located? Is it close to the Imperial centre or farther away?

    The Craftship wanders between Craftworlds.

    What races control areas of space closest to your craftworld?

    Gyaran has had dealings with all races in the 40k universe.

    What sort of beliefs governs your society? What does it consider most important?

    Due to the Craftship being mainly composed of warriors, a martial belief system is prevalent throughout. The path of the warrior is the dominant path with over 80% of inhabitants belonging to one of the many Aspect Shrines that have been reformed in areas of the Craftship. Martial prowess and honour are valued attributes.

    Who leads your society? What sort of government does it have?

    After the fall of Malan’tai a hasty form of government was established and has proven so successful that it has been formally recognised.

    The Ships Captain fulfils the role of Governor and deals with the day to day administration of the Craftship
    The senior Farseer acts as the Craftship’s spiritual leader
    And a conclave of all the Aspect warrior Exarchs lead the military arm of the Craftship, led by a voted in member of their number that acts as Autarch.

    What does your craftworld look like, on the inside and on the outside?

    As time goes on the Craftship is slowly resembling, its larger cousins, the Craftworlds. But its roots of being a combat Capital Ship are still visible from the outside and inside.

    What sort of people makes up your Eldar society? Are they dark and grim or airy and aloof?

    With conflict being a constant threat for the Craftship, its people have become focussed and serious with little time for frivolous pastimes, other Eldar mistake them for being humourless.

    What is the art of your craftworld like? What sort of artistic principles govern their technology?

    The art of war is paramount in the society, achieving perfection in warfare is something that the Craftship strives for. With low numbers, Gyaran cannot afford to heedlessly throw the lives of its warriors away.

    How are disputes between different members of the craftworld resolved?

    Non-lethal honour duels are commonplace, as the Autarch believes that they are a good way to hone ones skills when not at war.

    How large is your craftworld's army?

    All but a skeleton crew can be mobilized to war, however, this is still a fraction of the number that a Craftworld can deploy.

    What are the craftworld's important symbols or colours?

    The primary colours of the Craftship are red and blue.

    What are your craftworld's taboos? What is expected of its members?

    Lethargy and laziness are abhorred; every member of Gyaran is expected to be at peak combat readiness at all times.

    Does your craftworld have access to other craftworld’s? The webway? The Black Library?

    In addition to its dealings with the Craftworlds, the Harlequins seem sympathetic to Gyarans cause and are frequently seen fighting alongside the Craftship. It is through the Harlequins that Gyaran has access to the webway and the Black Library.

    Does your Craftworld deal with Comorragh? The forces of Chaos? Creatures of the Warp?

    No, Gyaran is strictly loyal and would never deal with them.

    What is your craftworld known for?

    The Craftships forces are experts in direct surgical strikes, with their lack of numbers Gyaran cannot take an enemy head on and prefer to support other forces by disrupting supply lines, assassinating HQ elements or destroying rearguard heavy weapons.

    What names is your craftworld known by?

    Strikeforce Redemption, The Remnant.

    Do members of this society have a good deal of social mobility? Is there a caste system?

    There is no Caste system as such, and social mobility is gained through military rank progression.

    What are some of the trademark units fielded by this army?

    Aspect Warriors feature heavily in this army, which is regularly led by the Avatar.
    Mechanised units and Tanks are favoured due to their ability to strike and crush their enemies with speed.
    Wraithguard and Wraithlords feature due to the limited numbers of troops in the army.

    What sorts of units does this army avoid? Why?

    There are no Guardian squads in this army, the Eldar who are not members of an Aspect Shrine are primarily used to pilot Tanks, Aircraft and War Walkers.

    What sort of tactics does your craftworld employ in battle?

    Swift and Surgical strikes, utilising speed and firepower to divide an enemy and destroy them piecemeal.

    That's it so far!

    My first model is below, more to follow as they get completed

    Farseer Illithian

    Santa came yesterday and I now have:

    Dire Avengers
    Howling Banshees
    Striking Scorpions
    War Walker

    In progress shots to follow!

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    Interesting fluffing it up like that. Though I think maybe throw in the Farseers on the older Craftworld and/or this Craftship may have been relatively under representated and had less influence on events, hence the "we didn't see it coming" backstory.

    Quote Originally Posted by illithian View Post
    Dire Avengers
    Howling Banshees
    Striking Scorpions
    War Walker
    Well, that's a legal army that you could play with.

    Perhaps not the most competative. However it could make for a fun thread here! Maybe start thread in the army board along the lines of "here's my fluff and here's what I have and intend to play with, and this is the point total I'd like to go up to" And see what people offer for advice.

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