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    Looking to restart and revise my tau

    Well after not playing the tau since 3rd edition I dusted them off and started to magnetize my suits and want to know what I need to buy to make them semi-competive

    I can say I like gun lines , (played imp guard for a while) and tried my hand at grey knights , but nothing gives me the same warm feeling as I did with my 3rd ed tau.

    This is what I have found so far and ant to know what I need

    1 Ethereal
    Commander Farsight

    9 XV8 Crisis suits (beging to magnetize all)
    6 Stealth team units (old metal ones burst cannons)

    3 full squads of fire warriors

    Fast Attack
    12 Gun drones on frames
    7 gun drones built
    4 gun drones without gun (count as sheild drones)
    10 pathfinders
    6 pathfinders with rail rifles
    2 DevilFish (with 4 seperate gun drones)

    Hvy Support
    3 XV88 Broadsides
    2 Hammerhead gunships with magnetized main weapon (rail/ion)

    Thank you

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    Riki, 6, and several others including myself have submitted their preferred lists here. You have a good base of units to get a decent army going. While we tend to disagree on certain builds and usefulness of some units, we all generally agree that Ethereals and Stealth Suits are not used in good builds. Farsight also has his downsides. While one of the strongest CC unit we have, he isn't that great compared to other units available in other armies and he limits you from using Kroot which most of us agree are a great versatile unit.

    Crisis suits are very good unit as is our commanders. I would suggest taking at least 1 suit and converting him to a commander if not 2. Magnetizing is king with suits as it allows you to try out different builds to find what gells with your army.

    Really, you have a good list of solid units that with very little cost/tweaking you can form a competitive list. kroot would be the only addition I would suggest making.
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    What haddatt says. I can't emphasize enough that you should avoid using the Ethereal and any other Tau special characters. Stick with the basic commander -- the 'el is good enough -- and nothing else.

    Also, don't use stealths. They don't provide useful capabilities that the army needs. Which is to say: they're not Crisis suits, which are just about the only units where we can get mid- to high-strength/low-AP shots (in the form of plasma and missiles). That kind of firepower is of premium importance in any army list, and since XV8s have cornered the Tau market in that respect ... you need them WAY more than you need stealths.

    And you really shouldn't consider running Tau without Kroot. Honestly, it is easier to make a good Tau list with just a single unit of 6 Fire Warriors -- and then several Kroot units -- than it is to struggle creating anything that relies solely on Fire Warriors. Kroot's ability to infiltrate and be all but impossible to kill in forest cover -- and the fact that they are just about the only unit that has any chance at all of killing something in close combat -- make them FAR more useful and important than any number of Fire Warriors.
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