Ork Hordes and Big Guns - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Ork Hordes and Big Guns

    How do we deal with them?

    - Do we need to charge multiple units in at a time?
    - Can crew be targeted separately from the actual guns?

    Advice much appreciated,

    The Warlord

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    I wouldn't go the multiple charge route short of genestealers. Ork hordes rack up so many wounds that you'll lose combat and because of synapse, you won't run and rack up lots of additional wounds per unit involved.

    I've lost a brood of termagants, a Tervigon and a Hive Tyrant to a mass charge from a unit of boyz + Thraka. They survived combat but what wounds were left got wiped up in additional wounds due to synapse.

    In my experience playing 'Nids Orks in general aren't a good match up. They can outshoot you, run your MC's over with Deathrollas and can outfight you in CC.

    Same goes for IG or any army with access to alot of shooting or pie plates. They can't outfight you but they punish you long before you get to them.

    Which is why I generally take units that allow infiltrate, deep strike, outflanking, etc. That way you have multiple ways of deploying to deal with what they might throw at you.

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