1750 close combat Nids - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1750 close combat Nids

    Hi there hope iv got the right thread,okay so i want to do if possible a full if not mainly hord cc list here is a basic idea of what am looking for feel free to modify and help me eat my way to victory lol.

    Hq hive tyrant
    2 sets of talons

    2 tyrant guard
    3x 24 hormagaunts toxin sacks
    3x 10 steelers basic
    heavy support
    trygon prime
    thats 1746 in total.

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    Now here's the big question: how are you possibly going to deal with vehicles? At this level at least 2 x 2 Hive Guard and 2 Zoanthropes in a Mycetic Spore is absolutely crucial, unless you find being crushed ball-bouncingly funny.

    Also with Hive Tyrants, you never have melee + foot-slog (unless of course, it's the Swarmlord). Also your list isn't exactly the easiest to read.

    Basically the list needs a bit of tweaking. Here's what I recommend:

    == HQ ==
    Hive Tyrant (1) - Scything Talons, Scything Talons, Wings, Paroxysm, Leech Essence = 230 pts.

    == Elites ==
    Hive Guard Brood (2) = 100 pts.
    Hive Guard Brood (2) = 100 pts.
    Zoanthrope Brood (160 pts.)
    --> Zoanthrope (2) = 120 pts.
    --> Mycetic Spore (1) = 40 pts.

    == Troops ==
    Hormagaunt Brood (21) - Toxin Sacs = 168 pts.
    Hormagaunt Brood (21) - Toxin Sacs = 168 pts.
    Broodlord Brood (216 pts.)
    --> Broodlord (1) - Toxin Sacs = 63 pts.
    --> Genestealer (9) - Toxin Sacs = 153 pts.
    Genestealer Brood (10) - Toxin Sacs = 170 pts.

    == Heavy Support ==
    Trygon Prime (1) - Containment Spines, Trygon Prime Upgrade, Synapse Creature, Shadow In The Warp = 240 pts.
    Trygon (1) - Instinctive Behaviour - Feed = 200 pts.

    == Total ==
    1752 pts.

    One thing this list is lacking is Synapse, but that should not prove to be too much of a problem. If you have your Tyrant flying around pouncing at weak points, whilst your Trygon Prime and your Hormagaunts fleet to the enemy, and you Hive Guard blow the enemy tanks, then it should work fine. Have the Genestealers outflanking (although that is really just personal preference), and your Zoanthrope Brood take out the heavy tanks. When your Trygon arrives it'll draw some fire, which is good - it allows the rest of the army to advance less disturbed. Don't worry if it dies.

    So I have stuck to your core as much as possible, with the broods of Hormagaunts and Genes and the two Trygons and the melee Tyrant, just I downsized the horde a bit for anti-tank.

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