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    Voidraven and Razorwing fixes

    Does anyone else see a disconnect in the design and purpose for the Razorwing and (more particularly) the Voidraven? The Razorwing is supposed to be a fighter, which means that it should excel at shooting down other vehicles.. but it's missiles make it primarily anti-infantry. The Voidraven is a bomber that only has one bomb. And both are less effective than a Ravager, though they cost more.

    Statline stays the same. Cost increased to 160 pts.
    Comes with 4 Void Mines instead of 1. Any of these may be exchanged Shatterfield, Monoscythe or Necrotoxin Bombs for free. Implosion Bombs may be taken at +5 points each. Effects for these bombs are the same as the missiles of the same name. A maximum of 2 bombs may be dropped per bombing run and bombs may be dropped while moving at supersonic speed. Rules for dropping bombs remain consistent with the Void Mine entry in the Codex.
    Void Lance range increased to 48". This makes Night Shields a bit more useful against people toting Missile Launchers, Lascannons and Autocannons.
    Voidraven can no longer take missiles.

    Statline and cost stay the same.
    Stupid Splinter Rifle is removed.
    New missile option: Void Missile S9 AP2 Lance 48". Stock missiles may be exchanged for Void Missiles for +5 points each.
    Dark Lances may be upgraded to Heavy Disintegrators for +5 points each. Heavy Disintegrator: S7 AP2 Blast Heavy 3. This gives the Razorwing a different kind of (light) AT firepower and would also be effective against infantry.


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    Both these units were wrote with 6th edition in mind, i get good use out of a razorwing from time to time, the voidraven no.
    The two units are way over priced, however once 6th comes and the introduction of flyers, you are gonna see why these units are good.
    From what i understand, you roll for reserves then they come on the table in a direction you choose, they can fire as normal, however your opponent needs 6's to hit them in both shooting and HTH, they then gradually leave the table then you roll again to bring them in etc.

    i do like your improvements though.
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    I got to say the razorwing is my favorite unit in the codex. So you really have 3 choices for it. Anti vehicle, mixed, or anti infantry. If you consider the missiles you quickly see that it really needs to kill infantry the first turn. Next if you look at the splinter rifle/cannon it's really a waste against vehicles. So in my mind this vehicle is really best served in an anti infantry role. Now that we have decided we want to kill infantry is it better to use dark lances or dissies. Both are AP2 but i prefer having 3 S5 shots compared to double toughing with 1 S8.

    vs marines
    9 S5 shots = 6 hits, 4 no saves
    3 S8 Shots = 2 hits, 1.666 no saves.

    So for me this is the best horde, 2+ terminators, terrain dug in imperial guard defense we have.

    I know I'll get some feed back about people who love to dual use razorwings with DLs to pop vehicles. I just prefer to build a list with 2 ravagers, 3 trueborn, and some wyches with HWG in order to make sure i have enough antimech. So I'll stick with a razorwing with FF, SC, & dissies


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