taking this with a massive pince of salt but just been looking though the "leaked" 6th edition rule and was wondering what everyone thinks ov them and how they will affect necrons. 6th 40K.zip

from a quick read though it looks as if shooting is having a massive change due to the evasion rule see pg 70
rapid fire is 1 shot at full range 2 shots at 18" and 3 shots at 12" pg. 79
if you lose combat and are fleeing you need a 5+ to escape or die unless u have high IN than the units chaseing you in with case its a 4+ pg. 62
if you assult a unit already in combat your guys act at IN 10 for that round or if you are been assulted though terrian pg. 56
instant death is changed if you are 4 str high they lose one additional wound per wound caused 5 str high cause additional 2 wound per wound caused etc pg.36
all the movements have changed for unit types and assult range is double there movement pg 104
and pefered enermy is you always hit on 3 in shotting and in combat if you would already hit on 3's this the goes to 2's. pg. 37
snipers are better know as well they have pinning, rending, posion 4+ and directed hit pg. 88
directed fire allows you to allacate unsaved wound on the oppents troops as long as it is in the same armour group eg 3+ pg.81
and the game phases are changeing it now movement, assults, shooting, consolidation pg. 48

these are just some ov the things ive pick out on a once though but if they are the true rules it does look as it may be get more complex