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    A fun little idea...

    The space marine commander was observing the upcoming battlefield. He and his company of battle brethren were about to face the soulless necrons. He trusted in the emperors guidance that they should prevail. His battle brethren were ready for the fight. But he saw the figures of tall necrons with shields and axes, lychguard. Behind them where standing several of there spyder servitors and he could see an gigantic form, one of the many C'tan shards. He smiled, they would never reach their side before being obliterated by the heavy fire of his brethren. He gave command to open fire upon their foes. With the emperors fury, they would prevail, but then something weird happened. The gigantic figure of the C'tan was no longer among them. What alien trick was this? He knew that the necrons possessed strange and arcane weapons, but nothing said something about invisibility cloaks. He then heard an terrible sound right behind him. With quick reflexes, her turned around, with his bolt pistol and power sword ready to fight, but in awe, he saw how the C'tan was just standing behind him, with it's scythe ready to strike. In a small glimpse, he saw a smaller form beneath the shard, the form of the necron overlord, no one less then Obyron. The last sound he heard was the soulless laugh coming from it...

    I have been working with the new codex for quite some time and the idea of a melee based necrons army sounds really fun. I have been trying to work with C'tan shards, but like most people know, they are slow and sometimes end up shot apart before reaching combat. It's a shame there aren't wing upgrades for the shards... Forcing night fighting is a good way too keep your C'tan safe for some time, but it still doesn't help him being slow.

    But then I came across Veil of Darkness again, still on of my favorite wargear from the old codex. It takes ANY unit with the cryptek, which let me to Obyron. Due to him being an independent character and has Veil of Darkness, he could join an C'tan shard and deep strike. As far as I know, there is no rule for an independent character that keeps him from joining an monstrous creature. Which leads me here, am I missing something or could I in fact let Obyron ferry my C'tan shard into the fray where they can unleash their brutal combat moves?

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    Illegal. ICs can't join units that only ever consist of one model.

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    Yeah, Hockeyman is correct. Right at the top of the 'Independent Characters Joining and Leaving Units' section, it says they can't join vehicles and units consisting of only one model (specifically mentioning monstrous creatures). Sadly the C'tan will remain pants for now.
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