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Thread: Ork Taktiks

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    **Updated 10/22/2004**

    “All right boyz its time to stomp some humies. Lets get da fight going. Orkies are good for two things, fighting and killing. So lets go….?

    Ahh the good old green tide. Menace to all sides of the 40K universe, and if you are reading this you are most likely a Warboss yourself or thinking of becoming one. I myself have been a Boss for about 4 years. In the time I have used just about ever squad in the book one way or another, and to that end I wise to share my Orky wisdom. Seeing as we have no Tactica at this time I figured it was time to step up to the plate. Please keep in mind that my experience is the basic orc hordes, I will leave the Speed Freaks and the Feral boyz up to other Ork Warbosses to cover as I have zero experience with them and there rules. Also this tactica is on the recent release of the 4th edition. I will attempt to cover the squads with this edition but if I get a rules wrong let me know I will edit the Tactica.

    Types of Orc Armies

    Of the general orc force there are two main types of Orc armies Foot Slooga and Mobile Orcs. Where Foot Slooga Orcs lend themselves to the concept of pile on in with a giant horde. Mobile Orcs lend them selves more to vehicles and fast hitting units backed up by some heavy artillery units to soft units before impact.

    Foot Slooga
    “For the Horde!!!!? Foot Slooga Armies are huge in numbers. Easily reaching in the triple digits. You will be a painting fiend for a long time to come to reach to 1850 (All that green). But the pay out is so worth it. If you ever get the chance to watch a Foot Slooga army in action, watch the face of the orc player. When he takes shots from a SM army and takes 12 casualties from fire, you will see an expression of not carrying, only because he knows that next turn he gets to swamp that unit with so many orcs the Sm player will not know what to do. The general concept of Foot Slooga armies is Boyz, Boyz, Boyz, Boyz, and Boyz. However that being said this is not to say that a Foot Slooga army is void of any armor. One common tactic is to use Full squads of Killer Kans to screen your orcs from fire while they walk across. Or the occasional Looted Bassie to reek havoc in the enemies back lines or soften units.

    Mobile Orcs

    “Why walk when you can ride in style?. Mobile orcs though lacking in numbers compared to a Foot Slooga army, gains mobility to make up for it. In Mobile armies you will see a lot of Truck boys, buggies, bikes and Stormboyz. This is not a Speed Freak army as they are a different army rules list as well as different orc abilities. This is merely what a Speed freak army may look like prior to that list ever coming out. These armies choose to sacrifice horde for speed. With speed you take less chance at shooting casualties while getting across the field and you get into CC faster. One of the hugest advantages of this army is that all our transports are open topped. Per the 4th Edition rules there for the age old “Truck Rush? is still viable tactic. While all those Rhino boys need to wait till the next turn to charge, our boys jump off and can get into the thick of it right away. Tie in some bikes and some Stormboyz and your boyz will get into CC by turn two no problem. With some artillery in the back to soft up hard targets before your boys jump in and clean house.

    Standard Tactics
    Charge not shoot: Orcs suck at shooting plain and simple. If you can charge do so. Don’t use a weapon in charge range that will prevent you from charging (ie. Rapid Fire). Before then is ok take them 24’ shots if you can. But if you are in range for a charge do what an ork would do. Beat them with the gun, not pull its trigger.

    Templates are your friend: If you have a choice choose a template. Did I mention orks suck at shooting? If you are deciding on a Loota vehicle or weapon go template not BS. You the player have a better time setting a template in place then an ork does pulling a trigger and pointing the right direction.

    The Units

    Da Warboss has to be one of the most debated units of an orc army. One thing you will notice is that his Toughness is no better then any other orc in the army. And his multiple wounds mean nothing to a single power fist from a space marine. With this lack of toughness you need to be careful where you place this Boss. He is a beast in combat, that is for sure. But if he gets STR 8 wound to him and he is good as lost to you. For this purpose an invulnerable save is needed, enter Cybork Body. This will give you a “chance? against power fist and lascannon attacks, but only a 1/3 chance so try not to risk it. Big Horns is another must, as an Ld 10 is hard to break. Armor wise Eavy Armor at least, if not Mega. But if you take mega comes the standard Mega Boosta to keep him from falling behind (which means you have just blown 40 points, so I would not recommend it for small games). Choopa on a boss is good enough. Many people use Power claw on there boss, however if you do I recommend still spending the small amount of points for a choopa as well. This allows your boss to flip flop back and forth from Claw (Armored) and Choopa (Troops). I never used my Claw against troops on the charge on a good Waagh test; it ruins the highest Inniative in your whole army, for those fast kills

    Nobz bodyguard
    I never really take Nob Bodyguards till I get to 1850 games or higher. They are a HUGE point sink. But if you are going to take them they need to be used wisely. First mix things up. In a five man Nob guard unit take 2 megas and 3 eavy armored boyz. This will allow you to charge in and get a solid 5 attacks at Inn 6 (on a good Waagh check) with only a 4+ save possible. Then you still get your claw attacks at the end of the turn. Taking nothing but claws is asking to waste points. You will charge in and EVERYONE goes before you, this will kill a power claw before it can even be used. Also with the mixed armor rule. Majority armor goes first. So armor saves are on your eavys first. Then on your Megas and then on you Lord last. Yet another Warboss survival tactic. One other thing to note on Nobz, they don’t even start with the standard slugga/choopa so be sure to pick them up

    Never been a fan on Mekboyz in a retinue. The only thing I ever really used them for was for a burna and a Kustom Force Field (KFF) combo. However if you wish with the new FAQ clarification (only the Big Meks mek boys cannot have the same equipment) you can take 2 Burnas in a Boss retinue. Their Mek tools is a waste in this squad. Most bosses that take a truck will let it blow up and move on leaving the pile of smoke and rubble behind.

    Mad Boyz
    Never really used these guys often either. In order for them to serve the purpose they need their tools and 3 Grot orderlies. If you take a truck with your boss the Grots do count to carrying capacity. As a result 3 grots and a doc reduce your orc limit down to 6. That and I am really forgetful most of the time and think of my HQ squad as a CC machine and forget the medic healing ability 90% of the time. If you have a better chance go for it.

    Big Mek
    All those gadgets and trucks come from somewhere. This guy is the key to getting things moving in an ork army. Over all he is no better then a nob. He serves two purpose in an orc army. (1.) He sits back with the tanks and gunz and repairs them as needed, as well as will providing them concealment with a KFF. (2.) you are playing a low point game and want a really really cheap HQ (great for 40K in a Flash).

    The most frustrating thing with these guys is they are weak and easy to kill. To boot they can’t have multiples of the same equipment. As a result most of the time they are set up with one KFF, one burna, one rokkit launcher, and serve as an additional fire support in the back with your gunz. However I find this to be a point sink problem as well as their specialization per model makes them risky when even one dies.

    This is the least used boss. Mostly because Medics are thought of as support characters not independent characters. The only real advantage to the Painboss is his Cyborks. So if you are not planning on sinking points into them don’t bother with this guy.

    Your toughest foot troop in the whole army. More machine then ork. With a solid toughness 5 these guys are going to be hard to take down. Add a invulnerable save to boot and you have a perfect block for no armor save squads (Genestealers, Howling Banshee’s, Marine HQ’s) In the end, these guys will never make there points back. They will however tie up an elite unit of your enemies.

    These crazy orks thing it’s a great idea to stick a rokkit to their backs to get in to a fight faster. Stormboyz are iffy at best. They are no better then a regular slugga boy, there only advantage is flight. In the past I have only really used these guys as an objective taker. Although with the new rules of Deep-strike on a 3+ in any mission, I have re-thought to take these guys again. They could be great for taking advantage of artillery all by itself or harassing army lies once 75% of his force has moved forward towards you.

    Kommandos are the 2nd least used Elite of the orc armies. There skills are not fantastic. All they have to them is infiltrate. Which in itself is a good skill but you do not want to move any one unit ahead of the main horde or else it’s a sore thumb stuck out there waiting to be shot off. With only one assault weapon option available they can’t even really be taken to take and hold hill objectives well. The only time these guys could shine is on a jungle table. Show them Imperial Jungle Boyz they are not the only jungle boyz out there.

    ‘Ard Boyz
    My personal favorite elite unit. The entire squad gets a 50% chance at saving wounds. Not quite power armor but it will do. I take at least one squad of these guys, as I am not one to take Nobz, so I can take a full squad and stick my boss in with them.
    *10 Nobz (Slugga, Choopa, Eavy Armor (remember weapons have to be bought)) = (20 wounds at 4+ save) = 310
    *20 Ard Boyz (already have Slugga, Choopa, Eavy Armor) = (20 wounds at 4+ save) = 240
    The trade out really is Ard Boyz can take 3 assault weapons where nobz can get war gear (which will increase there price even higher)

    My second favorite Elite. These boyz have seen it all and are as strong as a nob. These guys are great for a good hard-hitting unit. However I would recommend if you take them to have a screen for them (Kans or Grots) with their 6+ save they may die before they get to ever use that Str 4. And just as the Ard Boyz these boyz get 3 assault weapons to them. Take em. Nothing like 3 burnas giving you 9 STR 4 power weapon attacks on the charge to shake an enemy from thinking they are just standard orks.

    Flash Gitz
    These guys never seem to make the field in peoples army lists, due to orks exemplary shooting abilities (Yeah right). But what many people do miss is the 4 assault weapons these boyz can take. If you have some spare points take a squad of five. Hide them well, or screen then so such a small squad does not get picked off. With 4 Burnas, you have a spare Burna squad. With 4 Rokkit launchers you have a tank hunting squad. 4 Big shootas gets you a nice horde killing squad. These guys are the Orc Devastator squad you are always looking for. Just pray the dice gods look in your favor to get past that BS 2.

    Slugga Boyz
    Ah the meat and potatoes of any orc army. These boyz are the main stay of your force in a Foot Slooga army. Full squads of thirty are a horror to any army. With choopas dropping armor saves to 4+ many a marine shoots first and asks questions later to avoid these nasty weapons getting to close. With three assault weapons you can take burnas for power weapons or Rokkits to soften squads and take out armored units. Nobz are a must here to provide the squad with boss poles to re-roll mob up checks.

    Shoota Boyz
    I am more to lean towards sluggas then shootas (back to that great shooting ability). But I do always take one full squad of them in a Foot Slooga army. They serve as a decent fire support squad. With 3 Big shootas in the squad you can dish out 36 shots (27 shoota/ 9 Big shoota) at 24’ or with the 4th edition rules a nice 63 shots (54 shoota/ 9 Big shoota) at 12’. Something’s got to hit someone with that many shoots. Some have asked why shoot at 12’ why not move and charge if they are that close. 1. No choopas, sluggas are there to charge shootas are there to shoot. 2. Shootas are a really used as a rally point for mobbing up. If the enemy is getting close move back take some shots and charge with another unit of Sluggas. Shootas should always have a slugga squad near by. If it means they have to move up a bit to keep up with your wall of Sluggas so be it.

    30 Shootas in close combat: On average 90 attacks with 45 hits resulting 15 wounds with full save (4 guys dead)
    30 Sluggas in close combat: On average 120 attacks with 60 hits resulting 20 wounds with only 4+ save (10 guys dead)

    Simple rule. Shoot with shootas slug with sluggas. They got their names for a reason. But the Shoota true shines when it comes to mobbing up. You have had your shoota’s wasting bullets for 3 rounds when a squad breaks and manages to get away. They in turn mob up (via first roll, or second roll because of nob Bosspole). Now the points aren’t lost, merely recycled into a different unit.

    Stikk Bommas
    The answer is no. These guys are not a choice for many Warbosses for any a reason. Of which I have heard save the point get rokkit launchers in the squad, who actually uses grenades in the game, dreads will light you up as soon as they see you. The only time I saw these guys shine was against a Imperial Guard tank army. All those tanks = all those Krak grenade hits. Pour sod saw 2 squads of normal orks, I saw 2 squads of Tank Death. The only other use I have ever used them for is a 10 man squad with rokkit launchers and went light armor hunting (dreads, rhinos, etc…), but if that’s your game, just get some Tankbustas they serve the same purpose but better at it

    Burna Boyz
    I have to admit I love these guys. 11 man squad (to soak up some wounds), and 4 burnas. Throw down a Mekboy with a KFF and you have yourself a horde-hunting unit. Get with-in charge range on a squad. Burn them with a template drop 4 TIMES. Then charge in with some attacks from the other 6 guys wielding choopas. Now some of you may have noticed that I said an 11 man squad. That is because the rules state that for the additional points you they can be lead by a Mekboy, not upgraded. And as with all orcs….the more the merrier. A thing to note about Burnas. Burnas are not a stand and shoot weapon. If you stand and shoot your burner you are waiting for a charge. With burnas you want to move fire and assault you want to “get into burn range? not “wait for burn range to get to you?. To often I see someone wait for an enemy to get close to burn them and the player ends up in charge range anyways. Burnas = Proactive NOT reactive.

    5-10 man squads of armor hunting fun. Tankbustas are you armor hunters. But you must be careful in that in such small squads with 6+ saves they can be wiped out before they get to take out a single tank. Best to screen these guys with some Kans. The two go hand in hand when hunting vehicles.
    Gretchin Mobz
    When the Ork book was written it must have foreseen the Ld test to shoot past a unit in 4th edition. Gretchin (aka Grots) have a nice rule “Living Shield? that still allows them to be screening units. Get yourself a nice 90 points of 30 grots and line them up around your units. One grot squad can cover 1-2 full 30 man squads no problem. And when the person passes there Ld check to hit your sluggas and shootas behind the grots they boyz still get use of the Living Shield Rule. Each grot is a nice 5+ cover save for any orc behind them. Also to note. It used to be an old tactic to take a slaver with a grabba stick and hound. With the new 4th edition “everyone in 2’ gets there full attacks? it makes the grabba stick useless. So now your slaver can spend those points plus three more to get himself some eavy armor (for when those darn grots hide and leave him out in the open trying to gather them up again). All in all Gretchin = Meat shield….still

    Fast Attacks
    Trukk Boyz
    This is a mobile armies best friend. It give you boyz with a truck that are smart enough to know how to fall out of it when it blows up. This unit is the only way you will ever get boyz in a truck as none of the other troop or elite choice allow for transport options. There down side is only one assault weapon. If you don’t have three squads of these guys you need to use them as support for a squad in need. At only ten members they are way to easy to pick off all on there own.

    I use these guys for horde hunting. Do not ever expect these things to live long. With 10 all around bolters can even take these things out. Take three of them with Skorchas. Your best bet is to drive up a covered flank and burn a squad that will get your points back. At 114 for three buggies with skorchas it should not be hard to get your points back. I never have been a fan of putting rokkit launchers on these guys, as soon as you do actually hit with one it will cause an enemy to target them in a heart beat for quick dispatching. Also with their lack of armor I am not one to give them upgrades either, as the points will be lost. In all these are good against hordes with Skorchas or in small games…that’s it

    Warbike Squadron
    These guys have so many purposes I would waste a day trying to write them all down. But here are some examples
    1. Turbo Boosting Tank hunters
    2. Smoke screens for your troops and or vehicles. (5 models in a line
    across the board at 2’ apart gives you a nice 10’ LOS blocker)
    3. Weak flank hunters
    4. Confusing the enemy (leave a flank open as a temptation to the enemy and turbo boost over to crush them in the side)
    What I will talk about is to Big Shoota or not to Big shoota. Warbikers have the option of taking off their big shoota for cheaper price and a CCW add on. With this I like to do a mixing (much like my Nob squads) 5 bikers. 2 Big Shootas with 3 CCWs. Giving you 6 shoots in shooting, 6 shoots as their charge attack (oh did I mention the shooting in CC is done first before anything else, even the enemy attacking), then the charge with 3 guys doing some major damage with the +! for addition CCW. Throw in a nob with a claw and you got a hard hitting Toughness 5 speed squad. That being said I would never take these guys unless you are at 1500 or more, too much of a point sink.

    Heavy Support
    Big Gunz
    I have always considered these waiting targets. Any enemy who sees a line of heavy guns shots down quickly. These provide you with heavy weapon teams that can fire three solid heavy weapons, of course someone is going to want them to disappear and fast. Problem being Orks suck at shooting, grot Crewman are no better. If you really want to use these I would insist that you take your Mek Boy and give him a KFF. Its about the only thing that will let them last half the game. That being said, you will never make your points back with these guns.

    I play Deathskulls and I don’t even like these guys. They are two small of a squad and are to likely to hit themselves and with the weapons they take kill them selves do to AP If you have to take them do not take multiple wounding weapons. (ie. Orc Loota takes a heavy bolter mis fires on a 1. You just got yourself 3 dead orcs.) On an already small mob, the enemy will not need to worry about these guys, you will kill them for him. That being said there is one rule that is “neat?. Lootas can take the transports of the named squads. Namely that 70pt Razorback. Transport with a heavy on top…Nice.

    This guy is just plane nasty, but still a walker remember that. In the end this guy is a dual Power Fist dual gun machine. Place two Big Shootas and he can take out a squad all on his own. Firing 6 rounds a turn to charge in with 4 power fist attacks. Good rolls will kill a 10 man squad dead. However you may note with any dread, if alone he can be pick off by a heavy or two. To save yourself use Kans to screen the Dread. Even one kan can block line of site if placed well. And if the kan makes it with the dread into combat that more shoots and more Power Fist attacks to boot. Also Kans and dreads paired up can make great hammers in “Hammer and Anvil? tactics. Catch a squad between a dread/kan squad and a mob of 30 orcs. Dead squad. Even those Daemon Princes can’t stand up to that.

    Killa Kan
    Little orcs in there little machines. Killa Kans are all around useful. Great for screening, great for some power fist attacks, great for hammer tactics….just plain great. They are half the price of a dread and only 1 point different on front and side. That with the fact that you can take three in a unit and you have all kinds of armor to divvy up damage chart rolls. One down side to Kan squads is if one gets immobilized. A Kan squad is a unit. All units are as slow as there slowest member. One Kan gets Immobilized the other two are stuck with only 2’ coherency to play with. To solve this problem you can use Kan to screen a burna squad. The squad gets cover and the Kans get a mekboy behind them to fix immobilization.

    Battle Wagon
    A converters dream. There is a forge world model…but why? Anyways this is a must for any mobile army. It allows you to take a 20 ork squad and give them mobility. Add to it the potential of 7 bolt on shootas and a heavy weapon and you are set. It’s a tank, it’s a transport. It’s a tank and a transport….who would have thunk it.

    Looted Vehicles
    So many choices only one slot to fill. Bassies are cheap and good. Leman Russes are though and hit hard. The others I tend to tuck to the way side…why? 1.) Single Rhinos, Razors, and Chimeras: get a Loota squad and get them that way (3 Rhinos…maybe why you can’t do anything after you disembark). 2.) Predators: Nice, cheap, no ordinance BS 2 is to risky 3.)Hellhound…..Maybe just maybe 4.) Griffon: Even guard don’t use them anymore 5.) Land Raider: Nice vehicle nice weapons (even though BS 2) But man is that expensive. Basically Looted Vehicles is the one and only chance an orc player has at Ordinance weapons. Take it.

    The War Gear
    Runts/grots/and Squigs: I am not one to use any of these. One they are usually one time uses. After they have done what they are for they are useless or dead. You can’t even declare wounds on some of them so they don’t even make cheap wounds.

    Big Horns/Iron Gobs: Orky must. +1 to Ld makes running and even the need for mob up non-existent

    Bionik Arm: Nice Power Fist attack and does not even take away from the hands the ork has available. That’s right folks, a third arm

    Bionik Bounce: Nice for Lords. Specially in a mixed armor squad. Give him Eavy armor and Bionik Bounce and he is not a 3+. The only 3+ in the whole squad which makes him the very last on majority armor save rules.

    Boss Pole: Another must though usually only on slugga front line squads they are the only ones with number to survive prolonged attacks and still get away. There for are the only ones that may even have a chance to try and mob up

    Kombi Weapons: One shot wonders are never worth there points specially with BS 2

    Kustom Blasta: Two words: Overheat Ouch!!! (not a fan of plasma weapons either can you tell)

    Kustom Jobs (Dakka, Shootier, Blasta): Interesting but not worth the points. At best take More Dakka for that extra shot. But don’t both

    Squihounds: A must for a Slaver. That extra chance and keeping them grots in line will save him 80% of the time

    Waaagh! Banner: Cool ability, but to expensive

    Ork vehicle Upgrade:
    Beyond Grot riggers I am not one to take many upgrades at all. But if I have too I have listed the ones that I do take. As you can see Buggies and Trukks get none it’s a waste in my opinon. The others vehicles are worth too much to not give them some sort of added help.

    Buggies: None (point sink)
    Trukks: None (point sink)
    Dreads/Kans :
    Battle Wagon: Grot Rigger, Armor Plates,
    Looted Vehicle: Grot Rigger, Armor Plates

    And remeber:

    Always, Always, Always.....Make it Orky

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    Nice work on the tactics article. I agree with most of what you say. Although a couple small corrections: bikes without big shootas have slugas and additional close combat weapons, not choppas. And even though I love the idea of a fast, red-painted dreadnought, dreads may not have the red paint job or turbo boosta vehicle upgrades. They may only have the ones marked with an asterisk in the codex. I am not trying to criticize your article, just mentioning it so that other players don't get in trouble for using it in an army

    Anyway, nice work. I enjoyed reading it and it sounds like you know what you are talking about. The unit-by-unit breakdown should help newbies with army selection so that they do not have to keep posting "I am new to orks, what should I get?" I think this answers that question pretty well. Your next article should give young ork players some more ideas on how to achieve missions and some more general battlefield strategies. Keep up the good work and keep bashin dose 'umies!

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    Originally posted by Cronk-Smash@Oct 21 2004, 21:45
    Dreads/Kans : Red Paint Job (walker with 7’ move). Turbo Boosta
    stompas can't have none of these.
    aka the little flamethrower girl, aka jachu_ka

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    soz i only red skar boyz an foot slogga army
    my hole waaagh is 2000 of skar boyz and then 1000 slugga boyz then 2000 on grotz warboss an is nobz and stompaz(they all havin rokitz because i would be smaked around if not got rokitz)

    and ill read the rest when i get home from school later in tha da
    tho im not in school coz its like 6:30 and i have had no sleep coz masiv 'ed ake
    :closedeyes: :huh: :realmad: :closedeyes:
    <a href='http://www.darkthrone.com/recruit.dt?uid=V30277X30379Y30243M30311V30345V30379' target='_blank'>THIS LINK IS LIFE CHANGING YOU MUST CLICK ON IT</a>

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    93 (x2)

    I think they printed in a FAQ that vehicle squadrons could separate from immobilized vehicles. then again, this was 3rd edition so I&#39;m not sure if that would still exist in 4th edition.

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    2 (x2)

    Nice Orky taktiks yer gotz dere brother...propa if yer askin ole Hakbash. (Y)

    Good to see a tactica on LO, the new boyz will have a good time with it. Maybe a few tweaks and we can get it pinned by one of the mods.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jobs a good un.

    WAAAGH&#33; da tactiks of da Orkz
    &quot;Da Orks is da best cuz we ar ded ard an killy, mean, green, krumpin machines, hav da most dakka, da stompiest dreads, da shootiest gunz, da biggest bosses, an we uze choppas...WAAAGH&#33;&quot;
    Warlord Hakbash

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    A note on dem burna boyz

    me lovez dem too but me lovez dem more in a tank.

    If youz in da kult of speed den youze can put dem in a trukk, but if youz a nilla ork den you can put dem in a battlewagon or a chimera wit an open topped vehicle youze can pozition dose templates in da best wayz, and wit a tank youz can tank shock, den incinerate, and in some cases if youze want den youz can charge in to mop up.

    dis iz a versitile squad that stands a chance against ANYTHING

    template fer infantry, armour pen fer vehicles, an power wpns fer da &#39;Ard troops

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