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    WYSIWYG Haemonculus Hexrifle, Wracks

    Heya, just getting back into warhammer. How would you recommend converting the finecast haemonculus to have a hexrifle? From what I see, every unit of 5 wracks has an acothyst with hexrifle, however, his arm lacks armour.

    Do the kabalite warrior splinter rifles (arms attached?) match up to the haemonculus well?

    With units like the Wracks (box of 5), how do you keep to WYSIWYG when with 2 packs to make 10xWracks, you will have two models with hexrifles? Do people normally buy 3 boxes and use the grunts of the 3rd box and spare models for spare conversions? Is what you see is what you get still routinely used by a lot of people or are there alternatives? Thanks.

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    I think the wracks have multiple arm options each so you don't have to give 1/5 a hexrifle if you don't want to. Liquifier guns are the better option for them really.

    The Raider/Ravager kits have splinter rifles in holsters which would probably look the part attached to his back if you want a cheap option but using a spare Wrack hexrifle makes sense if you're a stickler for detail.

    Frankly I think Finecast is a complete ripoff. I don't know many people who buy any finecast models at all let alone whole units of them. I'd seek out alternate figs, possible from the fantasy range. I'm personally planning to use fantasy dryads for my exodite themed list.
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