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    update on my return to the hobby

    Hello everyone.
    I want to give an update on my Dark Eldar Efforts, and my return to 40k. Thanks again for all the help and advice.

    My 1500 list after a lot of advice from the librarium community came to something like this;
    1 venom with true born blasters, splinter cannon
    3 wytch squads in raiders, each with 2 special weapons, 1 of each type . 1 raider with incubi.. about 6 , archon
    3 ravagers, dark lances... all vehicles have flickerfields...
    archon had agonizer , shadowfield, combat drugs.
    i think I had a warrior squad in a raider too..

    After some discussion with my soon to be 6 year old son on tournament behavior, we took the list to the FLGS to return to the hobby.

    The oop dark eldar ( except the venum) that I picked up 10 years ago at a swap meet from someone quitting the hobby were finally gonna see battle!!
    Top of that, after a 5 year sabbatical, I was returning to my hobby and wargamming. I was very excited. .. not sure of the new rules to much.. but excited.

    It was a 3 round event, no comp, ..

    My first opponent a good dude that ran eldar. He had something like 3 war walkers, falcon, 2 wave serpents, dragons and dire advengers, seer concil, and the top psyker.. eldrad?

    I got first turn,, 5 objectives...

    I was able to pop the wave serpent that the 2 fire dragon squads were in..remembering how they were bad news all around with the melta,,, I targeted them first...

    hand to hand crew moved forward...

    His turn he fired back,, blew up a raider with wytches,,, i was surprised to see the wytches survive... in the old days I remember losing the vehicle would often lose the squad.
    Regardless he then moved up the seer council , and at that time I realized they were a seer council,, and not a guarding jet bike squad... so I charged then with the wytches and incubi... Kin Strife!!

    I knew the seer council was a major threat ,, but was not sure how much vs the incubi to be honest..

    Warriors shot up the dragons on foot,, true born the other dragon squad,,, venom in to the remaining squad...

    Incubi and wytches were triumphant vs the seer c.

    Elrdad (spelling?) came out with the dire avengers and charged the incubi.. ( that surprised me.. but I guess eldrad has a pretty good cc weapons,, and the dire avengers are pretty good too, we put the nets on eldrad lowered his attacks to 1..)

    We killed the dire avengers, eldrad stood alone vs the archon, incubi,, and the wytches..
    He had the war walkers, the falcon.. and eldrad...

    Then he conceded the round.

    Then we talked fluff.. Just to tease him, I tried to argue that dark eldar are " true eldar" and his eldar were "reformed"

    Then it hit me how much I missed wargaming.
    Then I asked my son if he had fun... He was smiling ear to ear.

    Next round was a space wolf player.. now i have some space wolves from 3rd ed. I know these guys are hard.

    He had a land raider.. with terminators,.. that thor guy,, ( throws his hammer?) Logan... 3 drop pods, dreadnought ... and longfangs.. 3 marine squads in the drop pods

    It was a hard fight, but due to some very good dice rolls, we tabled him on the 3rd turn.

    Some things I took from the first to matches going to the top table, ..

    1) I was convinced that the wytches were the best cc thing ever,, and was a bit overconfident in them.
    2) ravagers and true born with blasters were really good.

    ok last round of the turny.. we were vs deathwing dark angels.

    he went full reserve. We moved forward the entire army, .. he deep striked 3 terminator squads behind us and shot the ravangers in the rear.. ( did not scatter and landed right on the edge of the board. )

    We lost that round..

    Things I think I learned...

    1) wytches are not auto kill vs th/ss .. do not over task the wytches...
    2) need to drown th/ss in massed fire with poisoned weapons..

    So a few weeks later we went to another tournament .. a few hours away... took 2 incubi squads... ( see above thinking.. wytches are not auto kill.. still like them) and took 2 wytch squads...

    We had guard as our first opponent..
    he tabled us... it was brutal... brutal... lots of thinking about that.. he went first.. perhaps I should have reserved...

    then we had 2 space marines.. both of them we won.

    things I think I learned... 2 incubi squads.. to much... need more dakka..

    Now we are in a escalation league... so far... trueborn are really shining... its amazing...

    and we have a 1750 tourney coming up..

    Things I am thinking...

    3 blaster born squads! 3 ravagers,,, 3 scourges squads with heat lances,

    Its been a fun return...

    What does everyone think about scourges and heat lances?

    Thanks for all the help on returning to the hobby!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakegamer View Post
    We had guard as our first opponent..
    he tabled us... it was brutal... brutal... lots of thinking about that.. he went first.. perhaps I should have reserved...

    I'm assuming he brought a parking lot army, by the way reserve is always the way yo go, few ways to list build for this army are:

    1) take the duke, he lets ravagers, venoms and raiders deepstrike. In this instance you can take a portion of your army that needs to get close for anti tank duties and deep strike them.
    Most his tanks are rear AV10 and with his tanks all grouped up like that, he is disadvantaged in a few ways. He will be limited in any movement he can do, which will result in some tanks LOS blocking his own tanks, he will be limited in his movement and if he moves will sacrifice shots to get LOS, If the dice gods are on your side you may have also found some good cover and no mishaps. Deepstriking is risky, especially since its the whole skimmer and squad that goes, though its only one army type so it isn't as if you will do this often, however thats for you to decide.

    Squad types for deepstrike are Wyches(haywires, will devastate a typical guard army, best used with heamoniculus), wracks(with furious charge, best used with heamoniculus), incubi(not great due to squad size but more bodies is better), Trueborn blaster squads(can get close without mishapping you have a large 18" range) and grotesques(big nasty beasts wreck armour, str7 furious charge with urien). You really have good options here so it won't particularly ruin the flavor of armies you may be interested in taking. Remember you can't shoot this turn and you may not disembark due to new FAQ ruling, but you are on skimmers, so hide them well and use your large speed to your advantage.

    2)I'm now an advocate of aethersails and shock prows with flicker fields on raiders, ok its expensive but it just gives your army so many more options on the battlefield that it really is worth taking, Still got a raider alive? contest an objective, tank shocking? Wow! theres three squads close to table edge, zoooom!, big nasty tanks ruining your day and your lance got shot off? ram like there's no tomorrow. Getting our models into the Close combat faster, yup i'll have some of that.
    You get to reserve without worrying about getting shot to death and walking over what would have been well established as no mans land if you had not have gotten first turn, there's really nothing so self defeating in a Dark eldar army, than a dark eldar army that just lost their skimmers and has been made to walk with deflated squads, that hug cover like its going out of fashion, well after all their flimsy lives do depend on it.

    So yeah aethersials while reserving is the way to go, 26-36" movement, flat out 4+ save and 6's to hit in HTH so you don't have to worry too much about getting close. If the raider dies, then you now have 4+ cover and cause your DE you will strike first like 95% off the time if charged, so its a great little trade off. If pinned you have a 3+ and still strike first and if your sporting heamies FNP to boot in most scenarios.

    Aethersails and the duke give options against guard and are particularly useful in other games too, they are fairly cheap way to add to your army to deal with parking lot armies, infact all mech armies, Also i'll add from personal experience, with most armies if you don't get first turn then yeah reserve. so really your talking about 50-150pts to prepare for a guard army and it also brings more options to your other battles.

    Quote Originally Posted by lakegamer View Post
    things I think I learned... 2 incubi squads.. to much... need more dakka..
    5 man squads on venoms are great, i usually take two when i do this. 5 men is just about right to butcher a typical 10 man marine squad, the squad may die but your opponent will know it was there, either he wasted a ton of shots trying to deal with it and or lost a few units. Against razorback spam they are great, you can wipe the 5man squad quite easily, gain FNP and they tend to hang around in the game for longer. Its quite a cheap squad for what you get.

    Quote Originally Posted by lakegamer View Post
    3 blaster born squads! 3 ravagers,,, 3 scourges squads with heat lances,
    Ok 3 ravagers is the cheap effective option for our army, so thats fine, blaster trueborn i'm not a fan off, i take a squad from time to time, but they are flimsy and have to get close enough to do damage, i tend to opt for reavers and scourges instead. 6 reavers with 2 heatlances is great, gives duality, its a pain in the ass unit that will annoy your opponent, remember to keep them safe(very important as they are fragile, however if you use LOS blocking terrain and torbo boost your opponent will find it hard to remove their footprint from the table)and choose targets wisely, their movement and assualt jump are a huge part of their effectiveness.
    Scourges i tend to go with haywire blasters, scourges don't do well with heatlances as they have to be too close, blasters in 10 man squads for duality of anti tank and infantry, switcharoo heamies are great here on wrack squads, have wrack raider and scourges start battle beside eachother and pass the pain token then hop on raider to join wrack squad.

    Lastly your wyches had no haywires? always take haywires, best anti-tank in the game.
    Oh forgot to add, wyches are no CC monsters, they are a bog down unit, they are great against elites as they can tie them up most of the game so you can deal with them later, they are more of an attrition unit, Drugs and FNP improve their effectiveness in HTH, if you want good CC potentail from your army try an archon with a wrack squad and the incubi squads i talked about above, However wyches do have their roles and they are an amazing unit when equipped and used right. Beastmasters are the best CC unit we have, boy are they fantastic, grotesques are quite good too, I know you don't have models but i thought i would point them out all the same.
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