Did a 1200 pt tourney last weekend. My list I chose to run:


100 - Shas'el; missile pods, targeting array, hw drone controller, 2x gun drones, hw target lock, hw black sun filter.


290 - 3x broadsides: Team Lead; targeting array, hw drone controller, 2x shield drones, hw target lock. Target lock. Drone controller, 2x shield drones.


154 - 3x Crisis Suits: Team Lead; twin flamers, missile pod, hw drone controller, 2x gun drones. Twin flamers, missile pod.Twin flamers, missile pod.


88 - 10 kroot, 3 kroot hounds.

88 - 10 kroot, 3 kroot hounds.

120 - 12 fire warriors.

120 - 12 fire warriors.

120 - 12 fire warriors.

120 - 12 firewarriors; pulse carbines.

Total = 1200

As you can see very foot sloggy/gunline. No ML's and no vehicles at all.

Played a Necron player first round. A newer player and while a good person to play, not as much of a challenge. The nightshroud hurt him more then me and we only got to turn 3 (him just learning his codex) I think I would have tabled him

Second game against a Blood Angel list. Good player that I have played before he just had some cruddy luck with his reserves and I got lucky against his Librarian's psychic attack that makes you fall back on a -2 ldr. All in all, he only made one mistake with his deployment and that was deep striking said librarian.

Last player is a very good player and it was a close game. Had it gone to turn 6 there was a chance he could have one it. He was playing Grey Knights and it was a solid game on both sides.

All in all, 3 wins to take the tournament on my end.

Oh, the pulse carbines where really used because I didnt feel like digging up or painting more Fire Warriors with pulse rifles. Kind of in the middle of packing all my stuff up.