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    New to Game and Need Help with Dark Eldar Army List...

    I currently own the following:

    2 x Razorjet wing with dark lances
    1 x Ravager with dark lances
    1 x venom with splinter cannons
    2 x Raiders (1 with dark lance, and 1 with disintegrator cannon)
    63 Warriors (12 with splinter cannons, 4 with blasters, 4 with dark lances, 3 with shredders)
    18 x Wyches (2 with razorflails, 1 with hydragauntlets)
    8 x Reaver Jetbikes (2 with blasters)
    10 x Scourges (2 with dark lances, 2 with splinter cannons, 5 with shard carbines)
    5 x Beastmasters, 3 x clawed fiends, 10 x khymerae
    10 x Wracks (2 with liquifier guns, 1 with stinger pistol)
    10 x Incubi
    2 x Haemonculi
    1 x Lelith
    2 x Archon (splinter pistol and agonizer)

    If anyone would assist in putting together a playable army list with what I own, it would be appreciated. I have just been throwing things together here and there and I have been losing. Thanks for any help or advice on how to use my units.

    DE 1500-2500 points

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    The core of a list for me, from what you have would be...

    Haemonculi Ancient - give him a hexrifle, huskblade and soul trap - instant death madness, plus the soul trap will start to up his strength pretty quickly. a couple of good kills and he is up to str 10 in 2 rounds (str3 --> str6 --> str10 )
    Haemonculi - same build as ancient

    5 Incubi + venom - I like a klaivex with a bloodstone, str 3 ap 3 template assault weapon is quite good at taking out a few eldar or marines before you even get round to assualting.
    9 Wracks + Raider (to accompany the Ancient) - give the ancient and wracks hexrifles (instant death assualt sniper rifles for 15points!!! can't be wrong) and add a liquifier gun.
    9 wyches+ raider (to accompany haemonculi)

    6 reavers - 2 cluster calthrops, blaster - you can turbo boost over enemy squads and get up to 24 hits from bladevanes and calthrops, slow down and use the blaster to pick off weak rear/side armour. don't forget you get an extra 6" move in the assualt phase too, so move out of enemy assault range or into cover to avoid line of sight.

    ravager and razorwing for anti tank

    Then make up the points with the beastmasters...

    Tactic is to try to isolate enemy squads and then attack en masse, wipe them out and the move onto the next lot. Everything is pretty quick so you can set up on one flank and very quickly switch the point of attack to the other if you wish.

    Bit light on troops so would add another couple of raiders or venoms when you can, but a solid core to start with.

    Good luck, hope you find a list that works for you
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    Points : 997

    2 Haemonculi w/ 2 Hexrifles

    Incubi x 4 + Klaivex w/ Onslaught on Venom
    Trueborn x 3 w/ 2 Darklances

    Wyches x 8 + Hex w/ Agonizer on Raider w/ Flicker Field
    Wyches X 8 + Hex w/ Agonizer on Raider w/ Flicker Field

    Reavers x 3 w/ blaster

    Ravager w/ flicker field & Nightshields

    The Haemunculi go with the Wyches to give them a pain token. They disattach after your wyches jump out and just start shooting at whatever, possible able to pin enemy units. You have 3 transports with CC troops. Wyches can stand toe to toe with just about anything and the incubi will make short work of any small heavy units. The ravager is for mobile heavy support, also it has nightshields so it'll be hard for a lot of weapons to be close enough to shoot at it unless you want them too. The Trueborn are placed in cover in your deployment zone and will never move, just shoot at whatever they can until your opponent realizes how much darklances hurt. Personally I like to take my reaver squad with a champion with a power weapon so I can melee them against small units and give them a chance. Here they're good at poping around and using that blaster. If you need a distraction you can turbo boost them or you can charge an enemy you really don't want moving.

    There are certainly other builds you can do with what you got, this is just what I'd run at a 1000 point game At 1500 if you'd want to expand on this list you'd want more raiders for more troops and possibly throw in the jetfighter. Alternatively you have a lot of good units for a WWP army, but I'm not very experienced with those.

    Good luck! And don't forget raiders have darklances...
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